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Fedora Games Lab

The Fedora Games lab offers a perfect showcase of the best games available in Fedora. The included games span several genres, from first-person shooters to real-time and turn-based strategy games to puzzle games.

Not all the games available in Fedora are included on this lab, but trying out this lab will give you a fair impression of Fedora's ability to run great games.

Featured Applications

Extreme Tux Racer

High speed arctic racing game based on Tux Racer.


The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme.


Hedgewars is a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game.


Colossus is a Java clone of Avalon Hill's Titan™ boardgame.


BZFlag is a free online multiplayer 3D tank battle game.


Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization.

Warzone 2100

Command the forces in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles.


MegaGlest is an entertaining free and open source cross-platform 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game.


Fish Fillets NG is a Linux port of the wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets from ALTAR interactive.

Download Fedora Games Lab 40

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Fedora Games Lab 40Live ISOiso6.4 GiB

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                    gpgv --keyring ./fedora.gpg Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM
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                    sha256sum -c Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM

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