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Fedora MATE+Compiz Spin

The MATE+Compiz spin bundles MATE Desktop with Compiz Fusion. MATE Desktop is a lightweight, powerful desktop designed with productivity and performance in mind. The default windows manager is Marco which is usable for all machines and VMs. Compiz Fusion is a beautiful 3D windowing manager with Emerald and GTK+ theming.

If you want a powerful, lightweight Fedora desktop with 3D eyecandy you should definitely try the MATE+Compiz spin.

Going Online


Blueberry is a gnome-bluetooth based bluetooth configuration tool which integrates very well in almost any desktop environment.


Мандруйте всесвітніми тенетами з вебпереглядачем Firefox.


Stay connected with your friends and colleagues using Hexchat, an easy to use IRC client.


Are you a downloader? Use Transmission to get new versions of Fedora MATE+Compiz Desktop!

Утиліти й засоби налаштовування

MATE Terminal

Fedora MATE+Compiz ships a terminal, the gateway to the real power of any UNIX/Linux machine, called MATE Terminal.

DConf Editor

No need to know cryptic commands and config files. Click the options you like to change and choose the settings that make you happy.

Офісний пакет


LibreOffice is an integrated office suite. It utilizes free and open standards for its document formats and components.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an easy to configure and full featured email application for the MATE+Compiz Desktop.



Simple interface. Powerful music management. Smart Playlists. Advanced track tagging. Automatic album art. Lyrics. Streaming Radio. Podcasts.


Сучасний медіапрогравач на базі GTK3 й інфраструктури компонентів GStreamer.

Eye of MATE

Eye of MATE is meant to be a fast and functional image viewer for the MATE+Compiz Desktop.


FileZilla is a cross-platform free FTP solution with tons of intuitive tools, helping you to move files quickly between your computer and Web server.

Спробуйте самі.