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Appliance Operating System


Appliances are pre-installed, pre-configured, system images. This Spin is intended to make it easier for anyone (ISVs, developers, OEMS, etc) to create and deploy virtual appliances. The AOS (The Appliance Operating System) is a scaled down version of Fedora with a small footprint containing only the packages necessary to run an appliance.

Past Releases


  • Name: David Huff
  • email:
  • IRC: huffd

Detailed Description

AOS: The AOS is a scaled down version of Fedora with a small footprint containing only the packages necessary to run an appliance. The hardware supported by this spin of Fedora would be limited, primarily focusing on virtual containers such as KVM and VMware. The goal is to create a base that developers can build their applications on top of, only pulling in packages that their software requires. A "start from the bottom and build up" mentality.

This is similar to the concepts of JeOS (Just enough operation system).

See more info on the project at:

Benefit to Fedora

AOS spin will:

  • provide a template for developers who want to build a fedora based appliance.
  • provide a minimal version of fedora for those who want to start form the ground up and add only what they want/need
  • allow developers to "kick the tires" of the AOS without having to build it from scratch.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • Fedora-11-x86_64-AOS.tar.gz
  • Fedora-11-i686-AOS.tar.gz


To build:

  • Livecd-tools
  • appliance-tools


  • Bootable virtual disk image with: yum, dns, grub, and se-linux all working on start-up.
  • Current package set is 140 packages @ 360M.
  • For F-11: I would like to add:
    • smaller footprint
    • make kick-start prettier to ahear with the spin guidelines to not exclude packages.
      • either create a base-pkgs.ks file to be included in the snippets dir or
      • possibly create a new comps group for the minimal appliance and above requirements?

Scope / Testing


* Requires hosting an AOS kickstart file in the kickstart pool 
* Requires hosting a binary image on 
* Would like to have an new comps group form mini appliance package set


1) Download image
2) Launch image on kvm via virt-image on Rawhide
3) Launch image on VMware??
  • In all cases the expected results are really "It boots, we can log in"

Comments and Discussion