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The Fedora Account System

The Fedora Account System keeps track of Fedora Project contributors and the projects they work on. It is used to grant authentication and authorization to various components. This currently includes the various CVS repositories and Bugzilla .

Using the Account System

The initial accounts page has links to:

Other Tools

Account System Internals

  • Exporting the email aliases happens hourly, on the hour on bastion.
  • Exporting CVS and shell accounts happens hourly, shortly after :30 on various boxes.
  • Exporting the Bugzilla fedora_contrib group from the 'fedorabugs' group happens hourly, on the hour on ElliotLee's personal workstation inside Red Hat.

The account system code is available at git:// The project page is at


Do I need an account in the Fedora Account System?

Many of the Fedora sub-projects require an account in the Fedora Account System for contributors. If you do not wish to contribute to the Fedora Project, you do not need an account. If you want CVS write access or wish to participate in a project that uses the Fedora Account System, you need to create an account.

In addition, the Fedora Project now licenses all content under the Opencontent Public License without options . Contributors to the Wiki ( and the Fedora Documentation Project need a Fedora account in order to sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

What is the Contributor License Agreement?

This is an agreement that helps to maintain Fedora's free and open source status by making certain that all contributions to the Fedora Project are properly licensed. It provides assorted protections for contributors, the Fedora Project and Red Hat. For more information, refer to the Legal section.

What is an SSH key, and why do I need one?

SSH , short for Secure SHell, allows cryptographically authenticated and encrypted connections between computers. SSH is used to tunnel CVS connections for the Fedora Project. Anytime you use CVS with the Fedora Project, the transaction will be performed through an SSH connection. Your SSH key will identify you to the CVS servers, and host keys on the CVS servers will allow your computer to verify the remote server, too. An SSH key is only needed if you are planning on contributing source code, working on Fedora Project website pages or using

See Cryptography

I have requested a group membership, and it shows as unapproved, what does this mean?

New group memberships require approval from the group administrator or a group sponsor. Different groups handle this differently. See the appropriate project pages for the group for the specific process. Some projects, such as PackageMaintainers, will require you to have a dedicated sponsor or complete a certain procedure. Other groups may grant your request as soon as they get around to it.

I encountered a strange error while using the Account System, what should I do?

Send an email to the address at the bottom of this page, or file a ticket in the Account System Trac.

How do I complete the CLA?

See How to sign CLA

Where can I get more information about the account system?

Contact the management .

Account Termination

Fedora values freedom not just in our operating system but also for its developers and contributors. These freedoms, however, do not include the right to deceive, manipulate or otherwise change the processes and procedures Fedora has in place. Fedora may terminate any account that is being used in violation of the CLA or other stated policies. In addition any persons with multiple accounts who are using them to influence any Fedora process such that it alters the outcome of that process may have their accounts terminated. Typically in such cases a user or contributor will be contacted and have all but a single account disabled. If a user cannot be contacted, all their accounts will be disabled until contact is made and the discrepancy can be corrected. Multiple accounts for individuals is strongly discouraged.