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Setting up Pat (Open Source Winlink client written in GO)

Installing Dependencies

First let's install all the required packages

$ sudo dnf install libax25 ax25-tools direwolf kernel-modules-extra pavucontrol

Installing pat

Then download pat from the following link as it is not in Fedora at this time.

Download the appropriate one for your arch, i386 or amd64 then extract and copy the binary into /usr/local/bin.

Configuring AX.25

Edit /etc/ax25/axports and add the following at the bottom:

#portname	callsign	speed	paclen	window	description
wl2k		<callsign>	0	128	2	Pat Winlink

The speed is set to 0 because we're using a soundcard based modem instead of a hardware TNC.

Configuring direwolf

Copy the direwolf.conf file from /usr/share/doc/direwolf/examples to the home directory of the user that will run direwolf. Most of the settings are self explanatory such as setting up your callsign. The most important part, other than your callsign, is how you will key the PTT of your radio. Setting this up PTT is out of scope for this howto but the direwolf documentation is quite nice.

Configuring pat

$ pat configure

Running manually and testing

$ sudo modprobe ax25
$ direwolf -p

Take note of the ptt it uses, we'll need it later

$ kissattach <tty from direwolf> wl2k
$ sudo kissparms -p wl2k -t 300 -l 50 -s 100 -r 25 -f n
$ pat

At this point pat should be running a http server on http://localhost:8080