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For more information about this kind of events, take a look at the [[FAD|  FAD]] -page.
For more information about this kind of events, take a look at the [[FAD|  FAD]] -page.
{{Admon/tip | Next FAD : '''October/November 2008''' - Rheinfelden, Germany -> [[FAD/FADEMEA2008| FAD EMEA 2008]]}}
{{Admon/tip | Next FAD : '''2008, November 14th untill November 16th''' - Rheinfelden, Germany -> [[FAD/FADEMEA2008| FAD EMEA 2008]]}}

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Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Joining the Fedora Ambassadors Project

To learn how to join Fedora Ambassadors Project, please see the Join page. If you do'nt know if you are ready for that ask yourself these 3 questions.

Who are they?

Fedora Ambassadors are people like you and me, who go to places where other Linux users and potential converts gather and tell them about Fedora — the project and the distribution.

Where are they?

Fedora Ambassadors are located all over the world. Take a look at the following pages to see where they are.

Fedora Ambassadors Country List Fedora Ambassadors Count by Country Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification

Fedora Ambassadors Goals

  • Represent Fedora Project to the wider public
  • Help spread the word about Fedora, Linux, and Open Source
  • Be a point of contact for local community members and channel the feedback to Fedora Project
  • Help recruit project contributors
  • Think of creative ways for promoting Fedora in your region
If you are unsure of messaging, Fedora Talking Points is always a good source


Want to get started right now? Here's your toolbox!


Ambassadors Project Events Misc
- How to Join Ambassadors Project
- Fedora Ambassadors Membership Service

- Ambassadors best conduct
- Fedora Ambassadors FAQ

- Fedora Project Email Aliases
- Fedora Ambassadors Schedule with Open Issues
- Fedora Events
- Event Organizers' Resources
- Event Reporting Guidelines
- Linux Events and Calendar from Linux Community

- EventBox
- Ambassador Vendors
- Fedora Presentations
- Business Cards
- Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt

- Customs Letter for Fedora Ambassadors
- Verification Letter for Fedora Ambassadors

- Red Hat Magazine article
- Fedora Ambassadors Recognition Awards

Meetings / Mailing list / IRC

Meetings Mailing list IRC
Fedora Ambassadors Meetings are very important to this project. Please try to attend your monthly local meeting to communicate and to learn what other Ambassadors are doing. There are meeting for APAC, EMEA, and North & South America.

Check Meetings for details
The mailing list behind this effort is the mailing list. Please have a look at the Fedora Mailing List Guidelines and read about cross-posting by KarstenWade. Currently, the #fedora-mktg channel on freenode is the best place to go for Internet chat. See Fedora Ambassadors Meetings for a list of IRC meeting summaries. Be aware, meetings will be hold in #fedora-meeting

Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee

We've got the resources, you've got the ideas -- so tell us what to spend that money and effort on! FAmSCo is all about helping the Ambassadors make their projects happen. FAmSCo has the money and bandwidth, and we will be happy to give them to worthy initiatives.

If you have an idea and need funding, please follow the reimbursement guidelines to request money for your initiative.

If you have a question, need clarifications or have problems, please contact Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee.

Details about the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee FAmSCo agenda FAmSCo meeting

FAD (Fedora Ambassador Day)

For more information about this kind of events, take a look at the FAD -page.

Next FAD : 2008, November 14th untill November 16th - Rheinfelden, Germany -> FAD EMEA 2008