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Let's equip our Communities in LATAM


This initiative was based on the EMEA initiative to equip their communities

This initiative aims to support active communities in LATAM, by providing them with basic booth equipment such as roll-up banners, high quality stickers and t-shirts and table clothes.

Currently, not every community has its own roll-up banners and while some do, some are not in a proper working condition (e.g. colors have started fading out, stands are showing signs of heavy use).

Spending budget on such an initiative can be considered a good investment, since the equipment produced will last for years and will enable our communities to look overall more professional when representing the project during events and conferences.

Note that, since LATAM is a big region with different shipping laws and taxes, each country should produce their own equipment. Since this may get expensive, cardholder may pay for the equipment + shipping if the equipment is produced by companies where we can order online.

Please, add a new header for different countries (note that we will need 1 ticket per order, which means at least one ticket per country. Nrazil intends to open at least 5 different tickets, for each different region in the country to save on shipping rates.


Equipment to be produced

  • Roll-up banners
  • Tablecloths
  • One high quality t-shirt per ACTIVE ambassador who asks for one (we could use the polo described in the ambassadors wiki)
  • Stickers (high quality, fedora logo and 'powered by fedora' only)
  • Pens (A good amount of Fedora Logo pens)
  • Lanyards (to hold event credentials)
  • One blue customized (Fedora Logo) flash drive per ACTIVE ambassador


State/Community list

State Active Contributors Current Booth Equipment Missing Booth Equipment Comments
SP Athos Ribeiro, Daniela Morais, Ricardo Martinelli NONE 2 Tablecloths, 2 rollup banners, t-shirts, stickers, pens, flash drives, lanyards N/A
DF Vitor Santos NONE t-shirts and stickers N/A

Vendor Price List, Per State

Detailed prices will be added here whenever we have estimated quantities needed


Warning warn

What else should we include? Add your own ideas below!