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Below are the current tasks tracking for members of FAMNA.

Meeting Times

North American ambassadors meet on, #fedora-meeting, every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern US time. See previous/upcoming Meetings.

Assigned Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
AmbassadorKit Creation ClintSavage, DavidNalley 1 update after FUDCon AmbassadorKit proposal has been laid out, also, a AmbassadorKit Hackfest has been proposed for FUDCon F11 (Boston)
EventBox for Canada, Eastern US and Central US Rashadul Islam David Nalley John Rose 1 2009
EventBox transfer policy ClintSavage 1 Update 10/21 Draft nearing completion, reviews requested...Draft
Move media production
Discuss with FAMSCo
JeffreyTadlock 1 update on 9/30 FAMSCo buy-in is necessary to obtain this capability to
simplify ordering of Fedora CDs within the budget Update 9/09: Has FAMSCO bought into the new price of $.576/each including printing and fulfillment? What about allocating event money to a larger media production run?
Documentation of tracking events for yearly report ClintSavage 2 update on 9/16 While we have a tracking page; Ambassadors/NA/EventTracking, it seems kind of hard to maintain. Was thinking it might be a good idea to have it on the FedoraEvents page instead.

Completed Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Fedora Ambassadors Day JeffreyTadlock, ClintSavage, DavidNalley, JohnRose 1 update on 9/30 Reserve your rooms at HI-Express in [Grove City]
Prepare for icecast streaming and inquire about possibility of asterisk conference call during fadna Clint Savage 1 October 7, 2008 no update atm
Get FADNA shirt designed Clint Savage and Ian Weller 1 October 7, 2008 no update atm
Fedora Artwork at NA Meeting David Nalley 1 October 7, 2008 Status: new schedule
Ambassador polos, Pt. II Pascal Calarco 1 orders 9/4; Shipping week of 9/22/08 Second round of NA Ambassador polos, in time for mid-Oct. events.
Blog about FAD Larry Cafiero and Brian Powell 1 Show off finished work by 9/16 Will blog about FAD at least once this week - and have it aggregated to the planet.

Brian Powell finished his blog post

Larry Cafiero has been blogging and its on the planet!

Planet aggregation David Nalley 1 done Ensure that John Taber, Brian Powell, Matt McKenzie, and Larry Cafiero are able to be syndicated on the planet before their posts about FAD hit.
Create the tasks page for NA Ambassadors GregDeKoenigsberg 1 7/21 Look! I d00d it!
Ambassador polos for NA PascalCalarco 1 7/14 15 polos ordered for 11 NA Ambassadors; delivery should be complete 7/22