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Fedora ia64

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Latest News

IA64 is currently inactive, if your interested in setting up a ia64 team please contact Dennis Gilmore

July 1 2008: Fedora 9 for ia64 released!! See the announcement and release notes .


This page describes the ia64 (aka Itanium) variant of Fedora. The ia64 CPU is used in high end servers built by HP , SGI, NEC, Fujitsu, Unisys, Hitachi and Bull. This is not to be confused with x86_64 or em64t which are 64 bit extension of the x86 processor. While early versions of ia64 had the ability to run x86 binaries current models only allow x86 binary compatibility via software emulation.

Architecture Maintainer Team


Questions and comments about Fedora-ia64 can be directed to:

  • Fedora-ia64 mailing list: [[MailTo(fedora DASH ia64 DASH list AT redhat DOT com)]
  • Fedora-ia64 IRC channel: FreeNode #fedora-ia64

Current Status of Fedora-ia64

there is currently no one actively working on IA64

Current issues can be seen by looking at the fedora-ia64 tracker bug in bugzilla:

Known issues and workarounds for rawhide builds on ia64

We have a list of workarounds for some known issues . Please look over this list if you run into problems. If your problem is not resolved by the items there please let us know.


We currently have 3 Intel systems which were donated by the Itanium Solutions Alliance (ISA) for our build servers. We will soon be adding a MSA60 disk array and P800 SmartArray controller donated by HP to fulfill our storage needs.

Sandbox Systems

Details on sandbox systems, availability of vendors' sandbox system farms, etc., will be announced soon.