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Review of Power specific packages

The goal is to review all architecture packages with respect to their need during installer run and during boot. During installation it might require tools for managing hw (eg. disk arrays), during boot time it might want eg. udev rules.

Bug 1463749 leads to this review. The Host & Platform page contains some background from the Modularity point of view.


Package Tool Used in install Used in boot Notes
iprutils N/A N/A bla
libcxl N/A N/A bla
librtas N/A N/A bla
libservicelog N/A N/A bla
libvpd N/A N/A bla
lsvpd N/A N/A bla
opal-prd opal-prd N/A N/A bla
paflib N/A N/A bla
powerpc-utils foo N/A N/A the potential split foo/bar is related to questions in
bar N/A N/A a note
powerpc-utils-python N/A N/A bla
ppc64-diag N/A N/A bla
ppc64-utils N/A N/A meta-package with R: powerpc-utils, binutils, kernel-bootwrapper
servicelog N/A N/A bla