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Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo)

The purpose of the FDSCo is to lead the Fedora Documentation Project (FDP).

You can read more about the group in the FDSCo Charter .

Another important document is the process documentation . This process doc covers the actions of the FDSCo. But it doesn't really exist yet. We're fixing some leaks, and then getting right on it.

Elections are handled under DocsProject/Policy/FDSCoElections .

FDSCo Meetings

FDSCo meets on freenode , #fedora-meeting. Information about the next meeting can be found on our meeting agenda and on our mailing list. All members of the community are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings.

For past meetings, please refer to the Meeting Minutes .

FDSCo Membership

FDSCo is

As roles are defined in the process documentation, the chair will delegate various roles to the members of the FDSCo to manage.

FDSCo was

  • GavinHenry
  • MarkJohnson
  • TammyFox
  • HugoCisneiros
  • TommyReynolds
  • PawelSadowski