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This is the registration page for FUDConBerlin2009.

Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:

  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available.
  • We request your email address in case we need to send announcements about FUDCon in channels other than fedora-announce-list and Planet Fedora.
Budget is tight!
We typically cannot fund everyone who wants to attend. We will make every effort to have FUDCon be as affordable as possible. Hotel information is now available.
Number Name Funding? Size Email address (if not on your wiki page) Notes
001 MaxSpevack L
002 FabianAffolter XL
003 RadekVokal X L
004 Sandro Mathys M
005 GeroldKassube X XXL
006 Paul W. Frields XXL
007 Robert Scheck X XXL
008 Marek Mahut X XL
009 LennartPoettering L I live in Berlin
010 Dimitris Glezos X M Staying at a friend.
011 Christoph Wickert X L
012 ChristianGrams XXL Staying with family
013 Jeroen van Meeuwen XL Good to be #13! Awesome!
014 Bert Desmet Helpful for lodging XL
015 Tom Callaway X XXL Max said he'd pay for me to be there. :)
016 Yaakov Nemoy Helpful M Moar Cowbell!
017 Andreas Thienemann XXL Yeah, sweet sixteen.
018 Stefan Hartsuiker XXL
019 Ismael Olea Helpful XXL
020 Thorsten Leemhuis Helpful for lodging M No ticket needed for LinuxTag
021 FrancescoCrippa XL
022 User:Bokal X M I live in Bremen
023 Lubomir Rintel X XXL
024 Luca Foppiano X M
025 Tiago Vieira X XL
026 Rob Lazzurs XXL
027 Ewan Luca X XXL
028 John W. Linville X XXL
029 Robert M. Albrecht XL
030 Thomas Woerner M
031 Henrik Heigl X XL
032 Jasper Capel ? M
033 Nicu Buculei X XL Trying to get a few more contributors from my country to participate
034 Daniel Kretschmer Helpful M
035 Phil Knirsch XL
036 Luiz Davi L Martins X XXL I live in Mannheim (near Frankfurt).
037 Johann B. X XL
038 Anton Arapov X L
039 Gianluca Varisco X XL
040 Marko Jung XL I think I will be around ;-)
041 Florian Festi XXXL Damn, one too early for 42
042 Nils Philippsen XL Argh, one too late for 41
043 Marcela Mašláňová X S
044 Michael J Gruber XXL Will probably stay with family.
045 Jens Kühnel would be nice M
046 Harald Hoyer L
047 Denys Vlasenko XL
049 Armin Singer XL
050 SebastianDziallas X L
051 HendrikRichter M
052 Gerd Hoffmann M Friday and Saturday only
053 Mathieu Bridon X M No ticket needed for LinuxTag, going only to FUDcon
054 Nadège Michel X S No ticket needed for LinuxTag, going only to FUDcon
055 Gerard Braad Helpful M Not sure which date, maybe 26 or 27th
056 Peter Robinson Helpful L Prob arrive Thurs 25th.
057 Peter Vrabec X M
058 Espen Stefansen Helpful XL
059 Hans-Joachim Picht L
060 Steffen Maier XL smaier at
061 Renke Brausse M rbrausse /at/
062 Philipp Hanselmann M philipp.hanselmann
063 JoshBressers L
064 MarkCox L
065 Eugene Teo XXL
066 Murray McAllister M
067 Ján Lieskovský L
068 Vincent Danen L
069 Johannes Berg - S johannes -at- wireless mini summit (will be there 25 afternoon - 28 afternoon)
070 Christoph Höger L live in berlin
071 Marc Schoenefeld L 2 * 42 - 13
072 Rainer Schaupp - XL rschaupp -ät- I live in B
073 Bob Copeland L me -at- @ wireless mini summit
074 Ivo van Doorn XL IvDoorn -at- @ wireless mini summit
075 Luis Correia X XL luis.f.correia -at- @ wireless mini summit
076 swamych X M swamych -at-
077 John P. McDonough XL jp -at-
078 Máirín Duffy X S or XS duffy *~*at*~* redhat *~*dot*~* com I <3 pink ponies
079 Thorsten Scherf L tscherf -at-
080 Hin-Tak Leung X L htl10 -at- @ wireless mini summit
081 Petr Lautrbach X L
082 Felix Kaechele would be great M
083 Jindřich Nový X L
084 Jiří Skála X XL
085 Ionuț Arțăriși X L
086 Jan Šafránek X L
087 Tristan Santore M TSantore -at-
088 Felix Fietkau L nbd -at- @ wireless mini summit
089 Kern Sibbald L kern -at-
090 Sumit Bose L sbose -at- live near Berlin
091 Matthias Adler M live in berlin
092 Kalle Valo XXL @ wireless mini summit
093 Andreas Rau L
094 Niels Weber M nath -at- live in Berlin
095 Jouni Malinen @ wireless mini summit
096 Ondrej Hudlicky X L
097 Petr Muller X XL pmuller -at-
098 Rex Dieter X XL partial funding (hopefully) coming from kde
099 Sirko Kemter XL sirko at
100 Mark McLoughlin M
101 Richard Jones XL Red Hat is funding
102 John J. McDonough XL Was on here a few weeks ago but disappeared. Not to be confused with User:Jpmcd #77
103 Tomas Hoger L
104 Heinz Mauelshagen XL Red Hat is funding
105 Dominic Hopf X XL
106 Eduard Benes X L ebenes AT redhat PUNKT com
107 JoergSimon XXL Hope to make it for at least one Day!
108 Milos Malik X L mmalik AT redhat DOT com
109 Andreas Osowski X M th0br0 AT mkdir DOT name Funding is arranged; I talked to Max
110 Heinrich Witt XXXL staying at berliner-family
111 Michael Münch L micm -at-
112 Helmut Schaa L helmut.schaa -at- @ wireless mini summit
113 Marcus Nitzschke L
114 Clemens Hoffmann M
115 Michal Ingeli M no LinuxTag; sleeping somewhere-nowhere
116 Michel Racic L mracic -ät- bed n breakfast ;-)
117 ThomasSailer L about 30% chance I can attend a day. will only be able to decide shortly before
Number Name Funding? Shirt size? Email address (if not on your wiki page) Notes