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FUDCon F10 Logistics

This page is a scratch pad for organizers to record noteworthy information.


We may need several different kinds of signs for the event:

  • Directional signs for the Hynes Center
  • Small podium signs
  • Placard signs for easels in front of the rooms


Make sure there is sufficient amperage for all the workgroups in all the rooms.

  • 6 - 8 quad boxes?
  • Need some very long extension cords to run to the front, and plenty of power strips.
  • Need gaffers tape to secure cords to floor for safety. NO DUCT TAPE.


  • Paul reserved a projector from the BOS office.
  • There will be a screen in the big room.


Thursday and Friday mornings - snacks and drinks for ~150 people provided at the FUDCon space.

Saturday morning - coffee, donuts, bagels for ~150 at Boston Univ.

Saturday lunch - box lunches for ~150 at Boston Univ.

Saturday night - FUDPub at Boston Univ.'s student pub. We will try to do first round of drinks free.