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We will hold a 3-day FUDCon a few weeks after the release of Fedora 10, to celebrate the occasion and kick off development of Fedora 11.

If you have questions, please contact the event's organizer -- Paul W. Frields.

The FUDCon will include two days of hackfests and a day of BarCamp. Location TBA.

Friday, Sunday hackfest hours: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday BarCamp hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Current Attendees

Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:

  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event.
  • Put a "Veg" in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. We'll try to err on the side of vegan so no one will be left out.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available.

Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.

Budget is tight!
We typically cannot fund everyone who wants to attend. You can save quite a bit of money by carpooling or busing, and sharing hotel rooms. We will make every effort to have FUDCon be as affordable as possible.

Note: some of the comments below discuss dates which were previously proposed but which have now been ruled out.

No./Nr. Name $$$ Veg Size Comments
1 Paul W. Frields XXL Back in Boston in January. So happy.
2 Tom 'spot' Callaway Veg XXL Grand vizier. (no crash space, sorry!)
3 Máirín Duffy Veg S mens / M womens
4 Scott Fitchet
5 Matt Domsch XL I love Boston in January. It's why I moved to Austin. Looking forward to reliving those snowy memories!
6 Russell Harrison Can probably make either weekend but the 12-14th might be better.
7 Jon Stanley X
8 Chris Tyler XL Considering bringing ~12 Fedora folks from Seneca by bus. If you're interested in a cheap/free charter coach seat from Toronto area, let me know.
9 Ricky Zhou X XL Jan 9-11 should be perfect :-)
10 Ian Weller X L Jan 9-11 appears to be OK.
11 Clint Savage X XXL Can likely make this based upon advanced notice.
12 Mike McGrath X You can take my life. But you can't take my FREEDOM!
13 Jesse Keating Either dates work for me. Will likely stay over for office visit.
14 James Laska No preference at this point
15 Jeroen van Meeuwen XL
16 Luke Macken
17 Bernie Innocenti X Depends on availability of good tasting coffee
18 Brian Powell X XL
19 Xavier Lamien X S
20 Kevin Kelleher
21 Michel Salim X Might be driving from Bloomington, IN -- any carpoolers, email me
22 David Nalley X Might bus several contributors from SC up - if you are interested in riding, contact me
23 Steven Parrish X XXL Got transport just need a place to stay.
24 John Rose X
25 Pierre-Yves Chibon X To be confirmed
26 Seth Vidal X Veg Wow, Boston, who would have thought it!
27 Ben Williams X XL
28 Dennis Gilmore X XXL Would like to crash at some ones house.
29 Paul Stauffer M
30 Jared Smith X L Am happy to catch a ride from the Washington D.C. area and/or share a room
31 Will Woods Veg S
32 Thibault North X M Anybody coming from Canada ?
33 DaveJ M (pre-baconator)
34 Andrew Overholt X Veg S Looks like I can do about $300 return for bus to Buffalo and flight
35 Jeremy Katz S
36 Greg DeKoenigsberg L Hey Dave Nalley! If you're coming up 85, stop in Durham to get me!
37 Deepak Bhole X L To be confirmed
38 Kyle McMartin X XL what, no bojangles?!
39 Susan Lauber L
40 Bill Nottingham X XL
41 Toshio Kuratomi X M

Daily Schedule

Thursday, January 8

FUDCon does not start until Friday. Thursday is when most non-local travelers will want to make their travel plans.

Friday, January 9


TIME : Beginning at 9:00 a.m. each day.

FUDCon is free to attend. You do not need to pre-register to attend, but pre-registration gives us a better idea of how to plan for food and space.

Coffee, drinks, and snacks will be available for FUDCon attendees.

More details will appear here over the next few weeks.

Hackfest sessions

Add a hackfest!
ANYONE can run a hackfest, including you! Just pick a topic near and dear to your heart which you'd like to improve with a little elbow grease.
Session Name Session Leader General Plan
Build an AmbassadorKit Clint Savage / David Nalley / John Rose Design and build an entire AmbassadorKit
Package Grouping - the future of comps.xml Jon Stanley Discuss the future of comps.xml and package grouping for packaging frontends

Saturday, January 10


TIME: 9:00 a.m. SHARP. PLEASE try to be on time! All the important scheduling and other information about the sessions takes place between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

This will be the BarCamp day of presentations, sessions, and talks. Lunch will be provided. Attendance is free. At the end of the day, there will be a FUDPub.

BarCamp Sessions with Owners

Session Name Description Owner
State of the Wiki and/or Wiki Editing to the EXTREME! What we're doing now, what we should be doing, and why you should care, with some information on some more advanced wiki-editing techniques Ian Weller (if attending) and Karsten Wade (if he wants)
Git for Dummies, by Dummies Learning from git masters is wonderful if you can do it. What about learning the simple, getting-started bits from someone who's just good at teaching? Paul W. Frields
Write Docs with DocBook XML DocBook XML is by far the preferred documentation method for Linux and FOSS. Some Fedora contributors have written entire books in DocBook! Learn how it works -- it's easier than you think, and more powerful than you imagine. Paul W. Frields
Configuration Management Configuration Management with puppet, Puppet Common Modules and Jeroen van Meeuwen
Comps Brainstorm session on comps capabilities and usage and renewal(?) Jeroen van Meeuwen
Spins Creating custom spins, spins process Jeroen van Meeuwen

BarCamp Sessions Needing Owners

Session Name Description

Final Session Schedule

Times are approximate and may change on BarCamp day.

Time Room Room1 Room2 Room3 Etc.
0900 Speaker pitches and scheduling
1200 Lunch


Details to follow.

Sunday, January 11



  • hackfest

Travel Details


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