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* [[User:Suchakra | Suchakra]]
* [[User:Suchakra | Suchakra]]
* [[User:Amitshah | Amit Shah]]
* [[User:Amitshah | Amit Shah]]
* [[User:yevlempy | Harsh Verma]]

== Budget Estimates ==
== Budget Estimates ==

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FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developer's Conference, an opportunity for all who contribute to or use Fedora to meet, learn, plan, and hack. This event is free and is open to everyone. To learn about what a FUDCon is like, you can view a video from the North American FUDCon 2009. Please read and understand it thoroughly if you are a event organizing volunteer. If you are responsible for finding a good place, refer to the requirements listed in

Event Owner

Event Details

* Venue: COEP Pune
* Date:  November 2011.  Dates will be decided before 2nd week of June
* Time:  9 AM

Budget Details

FUDCon APAC has been provided a tentative budget of 15000 US Dollars as per

Rahul Sundaram will talk to teams within Red Hat and others on complimenting the budget but for the bidding process, our planning must be limited within this amount. Note that if a Red Hat person comes from some other country, his or her manager will generally fund that travel and that's what we will encourage. Max Spevack has additional discretionary budget in special cases. Community volunteers need funds to be taken out of the FUDCon allotted budget typically.

We are also tracking this at This ticket is private to event organizers.


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Registration is free and open to everyone.

# Name $$$ Veg T-shirt size Roomshare? Comments Hotel booked Comments
1 Shakthi Kannan - L N
2 Rahul Sundaram - L N
3 Ankur Sinha - M N
4 Hiemanshu Sharma - XL N
5 JoergSimon X XXL N
6 Aditya Patawari - M N
7 Harsh Verma - L N
8 Lakshmi Narasimhan - XL N
9 Chetan Patil - L N/A
10 Ranjan Joishi - L N/A
11 Buland Kumar Singh - M N
12 Ashish Jaiswal - L N/A
13 Amit Upadhye - L N/A
14 Pratik Bandarkar - M N/A
15 Ashwinikumar Ladke - XL N/A
16 Rahul Walunj - L N/A
17 Deepanshu Bhalerao - M N/A
18 Pushpendra Chavan - M N/A
19 Kashyap Chamarthy - XL N
20 Saleem Ansari - L N
21 Kushal Das - XL N
22 Imran Ahmed - M N
23 Arun S A G - M N
24 Praveen Kumar - M N
25 Naveen Kumar - XXL N
26 Huzaifa Sidhpurwala - M N/A
27 Prasad J Pandit - M N/A
28 Pravin Satpute - L N
29 Ramakrishna Reddy Y - M N
30 Rakesh Pandit - XL N/A
31 Gowrishankar Rajaiyan - XXXL N/A
32 Siddhesh Poyarekar - XL N/A
33 Kaushik Banerjee - XL N/A
34 Amit Shah - Veg L NA
35 M.R.Niranjan - Veg S NA
36 Yogesh Chavan - M NA
37 Nikhil AR - XL NA
38 Prashant Ingale - M NA
39 Siddharth A. Waikar - M NA
40 Siddharth Mankad - L NA
41 M.K.Pai - XXL N/A
42 Shreyank Gupta - M N
43 Minto Joseph - M N
44 Nilesh Patil - M N
45 Tirtha Chatterjee - S N


We are going to use barcamp format but you are encouraged to list your proposals here to organize the agenda.

Lightning talks signup

Talk description Speaker
Introducing to SCM systems Ramakrishna Reddy Y

BarCamp Sessions Needing Owners

Session Name Description
Btrfs Introduction to Btrfs, the next generation filesystem


# Session Name Description Owner Audience Level
1 What it takes to make a perfect website -websites stuff to find more contributors Hiemanshu Sharma IDK
2 Fedora Security Lab and the OSSTMM This talk introduces how Information Security work can be done with the Fedora Security Lab and how you can contribute to it. It demonstrates the development state of the Fedora Security Lab and how the Fedora Security Lab implements and aids the OSSTMM. JoergSimon this is for anyone who want to learn about FSL, or can/want to help me to improve it
3 Fedora Ambassadors a global/regional challenge Different cultures, different groups - one conduct and so many challenges. This is about how the Ambassadors group evolved over the years, what work was necessary to maintain the group in an healthy state and how we work torwards to face new challenges - and of course it will be a ground for discussions around this topic. JoergSimon Intermediate
4 Introduction to RPM packaging in Fedora Tools, process and a basic walk through of a hello world package RahulSundaram Beginner
5 Writing desktop applications using Vala Will go though various benefits of using Vala to develop applications and some demo apps KushalDas Beginner
6 Qt Application Development on Embedded Devices Will cover building embedded devices based on Qt framework from ground up. Then move on to developing custom applications, cross-compiling and porting to the device. Examples and demo devices are ready. Must for embedded enthusiasts. Suchakra Beginner/Intermediate
7 Creating web apps using Django and packaging its add-ons This talk will introduce Django and enlighten the users on how to package/test its addons for Fedora project Arun S A G Beginner/Intermediate
8 From RDBMS to BigData Structure your data to make your services more scalable Saleem Ansari Beginner/Intermediate
9 Fedora on Rails Ruby on Rails for the Fedora User Shreyank Gupta Beginner/Intermediate
10 gEDA: A Love Story Learning electrical circuit theory with gEDA using Fedora Electronic Lab Shakthi Kannan Beginner/Intermediate
11 Recreational Mathematics using Open Source tools A small tutorial on how to use GNU/Linux for Mathematical recreations and fun Naveen Kumar Beginner/Intermediate
12 Security : (More details later) A talk on Software Security Huzaifa Sidhpurwala Beginner/Intermediate
13 Introduction to n-djbdns Introduction to n-djbdns & it's deployment. Prasad J Pandit Beginner/Intermediate
14 Indic Typing Booster Next Generation input method for Indian Languages. Pravin Satpute Beginner/Intermediate
15 Fedora Virtualization for power admins configure/manage/tune guests via shell using libvirt and friends. And brief intro to svirt(secure virt.). More details later. Kashyap Chamarthy Beginner/Intermediate
16 Writing better python Talk about using Python in pythonic way Rakesh Pandit Beginner/Intermediate Python programmers
17 How to be a Fedora contributor ? Introduction for beginners about how one can contribute in Fedora project Rakesh Pandit Beginner
18 Fedora India Community Past, present and future of Fedora India community RahulSundaram Beginner
19 Python For Django Take advantage of features of Python to write better Django Apps Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla Advanced, Must Be a *Lazy* Python Programmer, Meta Classes, Duck Typing, Decorators
20 Debugging code you have never seen before A brief look at approaches one could take to analyse code that you have never seen before in your life and how they could be used in bugzapping Siddhesh Poyarekar Beginner
21 The introduction to "How to write shared libraries" A talk attempting to simplify and present Ulrich Drepper's paper How to write shared libraries Siddhesh Poyarekar Beginner/Intermediate
22 Python's Data Structure Categorising the Data Structure Use Cases Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla Beginner
23 Introduction to System Security Services Daemon Brief introduction of how one can manage access to remote directories and authentication mechanisms via SSSD Kaushik Banerjee Beginner/Intermediate/Admin
24 The latest in Linux Virtualization I'll cover the Fedora virt stack: KVM, Linux, libvirt, SPICE, etc. Amit Shah Beginner
25 Working with GNOME community About gnome-love, working with upstream/desktop., code contribution Ritesh Khadgaray Intermediate
26 Interoperability About Linux and Windows Interoperability M.R.Niranjan Intermediate
27 ABRT Automatic Bug Reporting Tool - how it works Yogesh Chavan Basic
28 The Cleaner Web Haml, Sass and CoffeeScript Shreyank Gupta Web Developers


# Session Name Description Owner Pre-requisites
1 FEL tickets Working on Fedora Electronic Lab packaging Shakthi Kannan Packaging RPM
2 FSL tickets Working on Fedora Security Lab packaging JoergSimon & RobertScheck Packaging RPM
3 FreeIPA integrated security management system on Fedora A working demo of a FreeIPA instance which involves several technologies like an ldap server(389-ds), kerberos, CA(dogtag), DNS, and client side technolgoies like SSSD, Certmonger. Gowrishankar Rajaiyan & Kashyap Chamarthy Intermediate Linux admin skills
4 Autotools A walkthrough explaining how one could autotoolize a project Siddhesh Poyarekar Beginner/Intermediate programming
5 HTSQL URI-based high-level query language for relational databases Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla Intermediate RDBMS Understanding
6 vsevm Very simple enterprise virtualisation management M.K.Pai Basic/Intermediate Understanding of Virtualization
7 Using an RDBMS as a task queue M.K.Pai Basic understanding of workflows
8 QPID A demo on using qpid to quickly hack up distributed applications Siddhesh Poyarekar Beginner/Intermediate programming
9 System automation using Puppet A walk through on how to create a puppet server and using it to maintain large infrastructures Aditya Patawari Beginner/Intermediate Newbie/Aspiring System Admins


Budget Estimates