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What is this page for?
Along with our discussions on the FUDCon planning list, this page is broken into different categories that need action to make FUDCon:Zurich_2010 happen.

The old Zurich bid information can be seen here.

Integration with FrOSCamp

What does this look like? Are there co-branding opportunities? How tightly integrated are the two events?

Update these pages accordingly:

Conference space

FUDCon usually requires one big room (about 150 people), 4 or 5 smaller rooms (20-30 people), and some open meeting space. Wireless internet with open access to all ports is required.


We'll need a big block of hotel rooms. People usually expect to have roommates at FUDCon, but sometimes folks prefer to have a single room.


We'll need to provide some transportation tips for people to get to the hotel, and to the event.


We need to organize a social event.

Gerold will maybe organize a social event on Saturday or Sunday depends on some dependencies but will be fixed soon (in April); will be a surprise, but typical for Switzerland. Costs are moderat (for Swiss conventions).


We need to organize the BarCamp.


We need to organize hackfests.

FUDCon Live


We need badges, based on the information on the registration list.


The total budget for FUDCon must not exceed $20,000 USD.

Travel and lodging sponsorships

Are there any VIPs who we want at FUDCon? Do we have the ability to set aside a chunk of money to help people travel to the event? How will we make sure that folks from all over EMEA get to the event?


Food and FUDPub


Other costs

We'll need to figure this out.