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Attention: This page is in draft stage. If it is redundant or silly, please feel free to kill it. Gratuitous linkage to other wiki pages is encouraged. This is a great wiki gardening task.

New contributors who have signed the FAS contributors agreement and signed up for the docs mailing list, are met with a lot of "what next" questions. This page will walk through some typical issues so you can start contributing quickly.

Decide how you want to contribute to Fedora Docs:

  • Become a wiki gardener
  • Write a beat
  • Own a guide
  • Write documentation for (aka docs.fp.o)
  • Work on open bugs
  • Package docs
  • Document how Fedora Docs works
  • Take on a bounty

Become a part of the greater team by

  • writing a self-introduction on the mailing list with some ideas on how you would like to contribute
  • create your own user wiki page
  • attend the irc meetings on Wednesdays
  • hang out on #fedora-docs
  • learning how to be a be a fedora contributor in general
  • interact with other fedora contributors (how to use fasinfo, lookup others wiki user pages, asking for sponsorship)
  • voting

Understanding the workflow:

Fedora docs has a workflow page Tools for guide owners - publican, gaining git sponsorship, tips on guide writing How to get docs.fp.o sponsorship