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Initial thoughts by Matt Domsch

  • Use Reduced Redundancy Storage. All the content will be replicated easily.
  • Use s3cmd sync to keep content in buckets in sync
    • exclude ISOs
  • Use bucket policies to limit access to each region
  • bucket names s3-mirror-<region> allow for CNAME to in our DNS
  • Need list of IP addresses for each region to populate MM. Would be nice if we could get that programmatically.


  • if we upload ISOs, we get .torrent links "for free".
  • no tracker stats :-(
  • Can't group multiple files together into a single torrent
  • we're paying for outbound bandwidth
  • bucket policies keeping traffic in a single region means we need separate buckets for torrent content


  • none for all uploads
  • none for intra-region requests
  • 0.093/GB/month for data, 700GB = $75/month/region
  • no way guess number of GET requests. $75 assumes 10M requests.

Open questions:

  • do we sync to one region, then COPY to others? If so, what tool? That'll cost $ for bandwidth.