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web-devel mailing list?
web-devel mailing list?
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Meeting of 2005-09-22


ColinCharles (bytee_)

MarcWiriadisastra (StrikeForce)

PatrickBarnes (nman64)

RahulSundaram (mether)

TejasDinkar (tejas)


  • Mentors: We've had more people join, but we need to advertise it. News postings and mailing list messages seem good.

ACTION: Marc to write up an article and post to Rahul's list of news sites, CC-ing fedora-marketing-list.

  • SOP: Nobody stepping up. We need a volunteer to take over this one.
  • Fedora-based distributions list: tejas making progress, first sites listed. He needs help writing the reviews.
  • Wiki: Have gotten some suggestions, looking for raw HTML support to make improvements.

web-devel mailing list?