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Complete this plan

Due: 25 August

Iterate plans with Seneca contact

Due: 27 August

Organize task list

Due: 31 August

We're using the primary Docs Project task list with either sections or markings to note skills and experience needed.

More is better than less
... as long as it is organized and doesn't scare anyone away. Giving students as many choices as possible is a Good Thing (tm).
  • Short and modular tasks are good
  • Tasks related to longer guides need a stand-alone page that enumerates tasks for that guide

Prepare mentors

Due: 31 August

Mentors are needed to work with students, mainly to provide a first or fall-back point of contact when students get stuck.

Mentors may be assigned to more than one student.

Mentors list

Add yourself to this list, before someone volunteers you.

Propagate or link relevant content to Seneca College wiki

Due: 05 September