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T-Shirt Design

Generic T-shirts

Designs for generic Fedora T-Shirts, good to wear on any occasion:

  • Monochrome by NicuBuculei: using one single color (dark blue) for maximum simplicity and low cost


File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fic1_mono_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fic1_mono_nicu.svg SVG Source] File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_wordmark_slogan_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_wordmark_slogan_nicu.svg SVG Source]

  • Hey Nicu, What font did you use for the slogan? ~Mairin
  • Liberation Sans ~Nicu
  • alternate (to match our posters, this time using the U001 font):

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ifv1_mono_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ifv1_mono_nicu.svg SVG Source]


File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_mono1_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_poloshirt_mono1_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_mono2_nicu.png

  • Freedom + Infinity + Voice by NicuBuculei: the classic slogan in images, without unneeded words on the front and the website address on the back:


File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_equation_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_equation_nicu.svg SVG Source]


File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_equation1_nicu.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_equation2_nicu.png

Fedora Splatter

by IanWeller

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ianweller_fedora_splatter_shirt_preview.png

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ianweller_fedora_splatter_shirt_small.png

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ianweller_fedora_splatter_shirt.png Very Large PNG] File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_ianweller_fedora_splatter_shirt.svgz SVGZ Source]


For special events:


Boston 2008

for FUDCon at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, June 2008

The NonCommercial license used here is not going to work for Fedora, since we might sell surplus shirts, but MaureenDuffy and the Artwork team are already working on fixing that.

Design 1

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-1_design.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-1_closeup.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-logo.png

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-1_design.svg Source Inkscape SVG]

Buildings are bitmap traced from "In Boston Night Comes Down" by B_Tal licensed Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic.

Design 2

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-2_design.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-2_closeup.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-logo.png

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-2_design.svg Source Inkscape SVG]

Skyline and water are bitmap traced from "Boston Skyline" by Roland Wunderlich licensed Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic.


Fedora Malaysia Shirts

Design by ShahrimanSamsudin ,the based of the shirts is from NicuBuculei

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_yondie_shirts.png

The SVG File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_yondie_shirts.svg


for Fedora 9's release in April, 2008.


Go crazy with any bod design:

I <3 fedora

Informal and crazy:

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_love.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_love.svg SVG Source] Preview: File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_love.png


Here are some templates which may help with your design:

Empty Men T-Shirt, use it to get a realistic preview of your final design

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_tshirt.svg SVG Source]

Empty Polo Shirt, use it to get a realistic preview of your final design

File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_poloshirt.png File:Artwork T(2d)Shirt_poloshirt.svg SVG Source]