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Ask Fedora

Please note, we are not a support or help line for Fedora Project. We will not answer any software or hardware specific questions. If you need a help on specific software or hardware, please use fedora-list or Fedora Forum!


Fedora has a strong community of people helping each other in the Fedora Forum and fedora-list but have you always wanted to ask a question to Fedora developers but weren't sure whom to ask? A new feature for the next release of Fedora? Any big picture questions of general interest to Fedora users?

If so, we have just the right solution for you. Send your questions to and Fedora News Team will bring you answers from the right places to selected number of questions every week as part of our weekly news report. Please indicate if you do not wish your name and/or email address to be published.

Fedora Weekly News is published every week and is announced in fedora-announce-list .

Thank you for your contributions and support.

General Guideline

Users will receive following auto-response from fedora-news-list when an email sent to

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