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* A test instance is running at  Refer to for a step by step guide.  
* A test instance is running at  Refer to for a step by step guide.  
== Design help ==
* Refer to [ this post] for more details

==  Feature wishlist ==
==  Feature wishlist ==

Revision as of 10:53, 1 September 2011 is a question and answer oriented forum similar to Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers. It is written in Python and Django. You can file bug reports via and the source code is at It is primarily developed and maintained by Evgeny Fadeev.

How to test Askbot?

Design help

Feature wishlist

  • support (Ratnadeep Debnath)
  • Per question RSS feed and RSS feed for tags (Sayan Chowdhury)
  • Tip for browsers with Javascript disabled (Arun SAG)
  • Don't show "first time" message unless the user really is a new visitor. Use a cookie.
  • Comments should bump up the question to the front page
  • Ability to flag a comment as offensive
  • Export question and answers as PDF
  • Better spam control - Blocking a user by IP address. Destroying user etc. Django tracking module could potentially be used for this.
  • Fully anonymous - asking questions and answering
  • Integration with Red Hat bugzilla, Bodhi, Koji and Pkgdb
  • Tag enhancement - clicking on a tag should provide a page with a description of the tag, ability to subscribe via email or RSS
  • Site promo and stats side bar
  • Content filtering - For blocking swear words etc.
  • Invite a friend and if they answer, earn karma
  • Stack Exchange export dump of data
  • Support for browser id


* Toshio from Fedora Infrastructure team raised the question of liability and Red Hat Legal has clarified that there isn't any. It is like the users list where end users answer other user's questions and we don't have to moderate the answers for legal reasons. Thanks to Spot for helping with a quick response.

* Rahul Sundaram is in touch with the upstream developer, Evgeny Fadeev (evgeny.fadeev gmail) who is willing to help out with the integration with Fedora Account System. He has made some changes upstream to make it easier to integration with a external authentication system. Refer to for more details.

* Prasad.J.Pandit (PJP) has added support for Fedora Authentication System (FAS) in Askbot. These patches have been sent upstream. Upstream has agreed to make auth support extensible so that we can plugin FAS auth support without having to patch Askbot and has sent us (Rahul and PJP) a patch to test this. Rahul Sundaram will followup as required.

  • Rahul Sundaram has discussed several enhancements and bug fixes with upstream and upstream is making progress. Check status via Some patch discussions etc are offlist

Review requests filed by Rahul Sundaram

django-keyedcache - (Lakshmi Narasimhan approved. In the repo now)

django-robots - (in the repo now)

django-countries - (in the repo now)

django-celery - (Ankur Sinha approved)

django-kombu - (approved)

python-coffin - (in the repo now)

askbot - (PJP approved)

Bundled dependencies split up

python-grapefruit - Filed by Praveen Kumar (Rahul Sundaram approved. In the repo now)

django-recaptcha - Filed by Jitesh Shah (PJP approved. In the repo now)

Upstream status -

Optional dependencies

django-avatar: Rahul Sundaram mailed upstream asking for a release since Askbot has a optional dependency on the development snapshot of django avatar and upstream hasn't responded yet. Praveen Kumar filed a review request of the devel snapshot at (Praveen Kumar file. Rahul Sundaram has pre-reviewed. PJP approved. In the repo now)

django-followit: Praveen Kumar has filed (Pravin Kumar filed. PJP approved)

Other dependencies (pre-existing review requests and more)

django-picklefield (dep of python-celery) - (Rahul Sundaram has approved. In the repo now)

python-msgpack (dep of python-kombu) (in the repo now)

python-kombu (dep of python-celery) - (PJP has approved)

python-celery (dep of django-celery) - (PJP has approved)

python-importlib (EL dep of python-celery) - (Rahul Sundaram approved)

python-html5lib (runtime dep of askbot) - (Rahul Sundaram has reviewed)

python-unidecode (runtime dep of askbot) (Review request filed by PJP. Rahul Sundaram has approved)

django-threaded-multihost (runtime dep of askbot) (Review request filed by Praveen Kumar. PJP approved)

python-setuptools_hg. Praveen Kumar has submitted review request at

django-repatcha-works. (Review request filed by Praveen Kumar. PJP approved

askbot-plugin-authfas - (Review request filed by PJP. Rahul has approved)

EPEL 6 status

Askbot and dependencies are in EPEL 6.


  • Get the rest of the dependencies reviewed and in the Fedora and EPEL 6 branch (collective effort)
  • Package FAS auth support plugin (PJP)
  • Test Askbot in RHEL 6 with Askbot and dependencies from RPM packages (PJP)
  • Package django-threaded-multihost, runtime dep of askbot (Praveen Kumar)
  • Split up the rest of the bundled dependencies as appropriate and update the Askbot package (Rahul Sundaram)
  • File a request for resources with Fedora infrastructure team. (Rahul Sundaram)
  • Test the instance including admin interface, fas auth support, setup cron jobs (collective effort)
  • Add support, both as a login method and posting to it (rtnpro has added login support and sharing link)
  • Add a sidebar for announcements (owner needed)
  • Theming needed. Information on how to create a custom skin is available at and Rahul Sundaram has filed a request with the design team

Askbot Fedora team

  • Rahul Sundaram (packaging, upstream contact)
  • Prasad J Pandit (administration help, FAS auth support, packaging)
  • Saleem Ansari (administration help)
  • Praveen Kumar (packaging)
  • Jitesh Shah (packaging)
  • Lakshmi Narasimhan (package reviews)
  • Arun Sag (package reviews)

Askbot info

  • Deployments of Askbot:

Also WindRiver (Intel) has a internal instance running according to upstream. More examples at


  • Alternatives:
  • Shapado - Shapado is an open source question-answer system written in Ruby, Mongomapper and MongoDB. is running a instance of this.
  • OSQA - OSQA (Open Source Question and Answer) is an open source question-answer system written in Python with Django. Askbot is a fork of OSQA.