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Bitcoin in Fedora


RPM Package and SELinux

There probably should be two separate SELinux policy modules for the two different ways Bitcoin Core is used.

  • System Service bitcoind
    • Should have its datadir somewhere like %{_datadir}bitcoin/ which expands to /var/lib/bitcoin/
    • Config file generated with random rpcuser and rpcpassword as %config(noreplace) %{_datadir}/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
    • With system username like: bitcoinservice
    • Wrapper should launch bitcoind in a context named like: bitcoindservice_t
    • wallet disabled by default, but they could enable it in %{_datadir}/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf if they really want it.
    • %doc README-FEDORA-BITCOIN-SERVICE should probably explain how the service is meant to be configured, used and controlled with bitcoin-cli or RPC/REST interfaces as the non-default datadir does not match upstream documentation and it thus may be non-obvious to users.
  • User service bitcoind and bitcoin-qt
    • The most common way in which Bitcoin Core users run their own bitcoind or bitcoin-qt with is as a non-root user with datadir ~/.bitcoin/.
    • There should be a separate user homedir SELinux policy for bitcoind and bitcoin-qt operated in this manner.