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{{admon/important|Nominations are closed.|The nomination period ended on November 7th.}}
{{admon/important|Nominations open May 7th .|The nomination period is open May 7th-15th.}}
This is the nomination page for [[Board/Elections|  Fedora Board elections]].  There is a separate page for the [[history of Board seats]].
This is the nomination page for [[Board/Elections|  Fedora Board elections]].  There is a separate page for the [[history of Board seats]].
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* '''Future plans''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
== [[User:Dramsey|David Ramsey]] (IRC dramsey) ==
* '''Goal statement''': To address problems as well as to provide guidance for Fedora's future to the best of my ability.
* '''Past work summary''': Was a system administrator for a few thousand users and I have been using Fedora since Version 9.
* '''Future plans''': Integration of virtualized systems as well as other system capabilities into the work place.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': I believe in learning about problems from the end-user and talking with as many people as possible, in order to determine options for solutions.
== [[JaroslavReznik|Jaroslav Reznik]] (IRC jreznik) ==
* '''Goal statement''': I would like to see better distinction between Fedora as a project and Fedora as a base operating system platform that allows people to build independent user experiences on top of it (desktop spins, Mobility spin, server spin etc.).
* '''Past work summary''': Fedora Configuration tools guy, KDE SIG and WebKit SIG member, Fedora Mobility and Red Hat Employee (Base OS Brno), generally interested in everything about Fedora (and the whole open source world)!
* '''Future plans''': Non-board related plans - to continue working on better Fedora Configuration and Management tools (FMCI) together with Matahari team, to provide the best desktop user experience working on Fedora Plasma Desktop and WebKit.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': I enjoy every day working with all of you, awesome Fedora contributors!
== [[JoergSimon]] (kital) ==
* '''Goal statement''':
During the last years the Ambassador Group learned some valuable lessons regarding mentoring-, budget-, community- and membership-management, as well as dispute-resolution, transparent processes and regional leadership and we turned into a ressource to hire new Contributors into all Areas of the Fedora Project.
My goal is to act as a reliable Liason between the Fedora Board and the Ambassador Group as a Fedora Board Member.
* '''Future plans''': regarding the above Goal Statement
** - re-focus on the release itself
*** as example - help to stop wasting time with ongoing fundamental doubts and discussion around Fedora´s core principles - by a fair dispute resolution policy or maybe by establishing mentors to clarify doubts on a meta-level out of all groups
*** encourage groups gathered around a specific area like Electronic, Security, Medical ... so often a great opportunity to have new contributors and new applications and new upstreams (i do not talk about spins)
** make other Groups inside Fedora aware that there is a ressource and budget management already in FAmSCo together with Comm-Arch, [ which is in transition] right now and work together so all can rely on here in the future
** make aware about the great work that we do in Ambassadors and how it can help to recruit the right contributor for the right task
*** enhance the liasonship to other groups - as example working on a process where Groups can announce open positions in their team, so Ambassadors can focus on their recruitment
** of course improvement of our policies and visions
* '''Past work summary''':
My involvement with Fedora started with my [ first FUDCon in 2005], today i contribute to multiple groups in the Fedora Project and i am the current [[FAmSCo | FAmSCo Chair]]. My main focus in Fedora until now is: the work on [ Membership/Community-Development and Mentoring] - i developed the new [[Ambassadors/MembershipService#Membership_Check | membership and mentoring process]] for new Contributors, [ Fedora as Security Testing Platform and the Fedora Security Lab], i do Fedora mailing list- and membership-administration and work on strong support for the Fedora Community in underrepresented regions in the world - i initiated some Events in Africa, Rumania, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan. Promoting Fedora on Events is another major part of my work and so i work as organizer, driver, helper, slogger, promoter on [ a lot Events since 5 years] and i produce, store and ship a lot of the [ EMEA SWAG and Booth Material] and help to spend our money to enable good contributors and events.
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
Yes, i messed up things - i am human!
== [[User:red|Sandro Mathys]] (FAS: red / IRC: red_alert) ==
* '''Goal statement''': Fedora has matured well in the [[Releases/HistoricalSchedules|past 7 years]] and seen a total of 14 releases. While minor and major changes have been introduced repeatedly over that time, there's still room for improvement. There's several topics (some more controversial than others) at hand that, if elected, I'd like to work on together with all board members and the whole Fedora community, like (in no particular order):
** [[Updates_Policy|Bridge the gap]] between stable updates and providing a bleeding-edge platform for developers and early adopters better.
** Further improve (documentation of) release engineering processes and make [[QA]] more transparent in order to allow the community to participate more deeply and thus to raise the overall quality.
** Analyze and compare the possible benefit and the necessary effort of different release models, e.g. "the current model", "with [[Features/Extended_Life_Cycle|extended lifecycle]]", "rolling release" and [[Release_Lifecycle_Proposals|any other]] I'm convincingly told about.
** Support the [[SIGs/KDE|KDE SIG]] in creating a desktop/spin that receives equal support as and reaches feature parity with the GNOME desktop/spin.
** Promote Fedora all over the world, particularly in places that are likely to spawn many new contributors.
** Help to lower the entrance barrier for new contributors together with [[Ambassadors|ambassador]], [[Mentors|mentors]] and the existing contributor community.
** Strive to become the #1 distribution of choice in the general Linux userbase and particularly for open source developers.
: Looking at the stated goals above I feel that they are all very closely connected to each other and define the general strategy I would like to focus on.
* '''Past work summary''': While I used Fedora since FC1 I only found my way into the community shortly before F7 has been released. Back then I started as an ambassador promoting Fedora and open source in whole Europe. Later on I became a package maintainer and for a short while I've been helping the [[Infrastructure|infrastructure]] team with some basic tasks. Recently I joined the QA folks and also became a [[Proven_tester|proventester]] to help improve the quality of the F14 release. In 2010 I also co-organized [[FUDCon:Zurich_2010|FUDCon Zurich]] together with [[User:mmoeller|Marcus]].
* '''Future plans''': Work on the above goals and stick to my other activities, i.e. maintaining (more) packages, doing more QA and organizing FUDCon Zurich 2011 ;) ...or support the organizers of any other FUDCon if I can be of help.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': If elected, I will do my best to make sure every contributor gets a free [ Fedora Pwny!] :)
== [[User:ke4qqq|David Nalley]] (ke4qqq) ==
* '''Goal statement''': The Fedora board has seemed to drift from a very distributed group focused on enabling contributors to get things done to one where authority is largely centralized in the Board which grants permission. I don't think there was any malice intended, rather I think that this has crept up over time rather innocuously, and we'd refer to it as scope creep. My primary goal is ensure that the Board remains focused on its scope, and continues to heavily delegate matters as appropriate (as in the case of FESCo and FAmSCo), but largely to let the contributors doing the work make the decisions, and ensuring that the board enables contributors to get things done. The Board can't define the future, or in and of itself make things happen; however, it can, and should, support and enable the contributors carrying us into the future.
Secondly, in a little over the past year, I have seen increasing paralysis over decisions facing the community at large. We often generate multiple 'threads-o-doom' discussing any given $decision, which burns out people, and is not good for the morale of the community. The fifth F in Fedora has always been 'failure' and failure has always been ok provided you can acknowledge things are a failure and learn from them, preferably as fast as possible. In that light, I hope to act so that when a decision has been made the project moves forward, and if it's a failure, the project acknowledges it and learns from it.
Finally, I want to empower some of the groups within Fedora. Most importantly I see FESCo which seems to have loads of responsibility. I want to make sure that FESCo has both the responsibility and authority in its role as the technical leadership of the Fedora distribution.
* '''Past work summary''': I have been a Fedora contributor since 2006, and work or have worked to some degree in Ambassadors, Docs, Infrastructure, Marketing, and Packaging. I am currently serving my second (and last) term on FAmSCo.
* '''Future plans''': There are a number of groups working within the Fedora Project that have new and exciting possibilities. Many of those are tangentially related to the distribution, but are essentially distinct and I want to make sure that they get the resources necessary to be successful. I am immediately thinking of Cloud-SIG and Fedora Hosted.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': Bacon!

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Nominations open May 7th .
The nomination period is open May 7th-15th.

This is the nomination page for Fedora Board elections. There is a separate page for the history of Board seats.

In October/November 2010 there are two seats up for election. The seats open are currently held by Matt Domsch and Chris Tyler.

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