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Scope of this document

This document gives an introduction on what Bodhi is and its uses in real-time.This is a work in progress and hence the document currently targets end-users, however this document would be updated periodically to target everyone.

Targeted Audience

This document is targeted towards end users and people part of the engineering team.

What is Bodhi

Bodhi pronounced as bo-dee is a buddhist term for the wisdom by which one attains enlightenment.Bodhi is a modular web based system that facilitates the process of publishing package updates for fedora-based software distribution.Bodhi is currently used to send out package updates for Fedora.Bodhi is a system internal to Red Hat.It maintains a single stage of repositories by adding/updating/removing packages.

Uses of Bodhi

  • Provides an intuitive interface for developers and release engineers to manage pushing out package updates for multiple version releases.
  • Helps in delivering quality packages and repository sustainment with automated testing.
  • Helps Community testers to get involved in testing of the package updates and provide quality feedback which would reach the packagers/developers.
  • Provides a modular framework that will allow future integrations to various other QA and developer tools.