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Active Bug Triagers


This page lists active bug triagers for the current development cycle. We use this page to get an idea of who is triaging which components and to give package maintainers an idea of who the current triagers are when their bugs start getting more attention than usual :) At the beginning of each new development cycle names on this page move to Past Triagers wiki page--a past record of all those that have served Fedora in this capacity.

Bug Triagers for Fedora 11

A list of components is located at Components

Name IRC Nick Component(s)
Keiran Smith Affix Web Development
Christopher D. Stover quantumburnz any, kernel
John John5342 *openjdk* *gcj*
Brennan Ashton comphappy any
Edward Kirk TK009 Desktop Gnome, Packagekit
Paul W. Frields stickster any
John Poelstra poelcat system-config-network
Chedi Toueiti douda any
Jerry Amundson jamundso any
Marco Crosio TopoMorto any
Jon Stanley jds2001 yum
iarly selbir iarlyy PackageKit, Kpackagekit
Matěj Cepl mcepl xorg-x11-{drv-ati,drv-i810,server}, compiz, selinux-policy-*, firefox, openoffice
Steven Parrish SMParrish kde* (KDE & related)
François Cami fcami kernel/kvm/dm, xorg-x11-drv-{ati,i810}, compiz
Jon Dufresne bigdufstuff any
It is okay for more than one person to cover the same component