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Joining the BugZappers

Important Account Signups

  1. Obtain a bugzilla account in Red Hat's Bugzilla
  2. Obtain a Fedora Account
    • This is necessary to obtain additional permissions in bugzilla needed to triage bugs
    • It is necessary that the e-mail address used for your Bugzilla and Fedora accounts are the same
  3. After successfully obtaining a Fedora account, view the fedorabugs group and apply to the group by clicking the Apply! button. Your membership will need to be approved, so this process is not instantaneous. It may take several days (unfortunately) for your membership to be approved, so please be patient.
  4. If you can commit to being a regular triager for the current release cycle, add your name to the Active Triagers page.
    • This is a simple reference so that package maintainers know who the triagers are
    • It also gives us a rough idea who is triaging bugs in which components
This does mean certain components are reserved. If you are unfamiliar with a component and someone is very active there, it is probably a good idea to pick a different component.


  1. Join the fedora-test-list
  2. Valuable communication and real time help happen in the chat channels on IRC. See IRCSetup and IRCHowTo for more information on using IRC
    • The main IRC channels to join are: #fedora-bugzappers - where team members discuss things - and #fedorabot - where you will see automated messages when new bugs are filed (among other things)
    • Once you are all setup and ready to go drop by and say hello on #fedora-bugzappers
    • #fedora-bugzappers is also a good place to get help if you are having problems with the sign-up process
  3. Obtain wiki edit access
    • The Fedora Project Wiki (which is what you are reading from right now) is a useful place to store and retrieve information
    • Obtaining wiki edit access gives you the ability to contribute too
  4. Attend a Bug Triage Meeting. Details on the time and location of meetings are on that page