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[[Category:Fedora sub-projects]]
The [[DocsProject | Fedora Documentation Project]] creates, publishes and maintains the software documentation for the Fedora operating system.
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|style="background: white; font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.3em; color: white; width: 100%;" | '''[[Docs| Get Docs]]  . . . [[:Category:Draft documentation | Draft Docs]]  . . . [[Translating documentation| Translate Docs]]  . . . [[Joining the Docs Project| Join the Team]]  . . . [[Docs_Project_meetings| Meetings]]  '''
  ||<tablestyle="width: 95%; cellspacing: 4em; text-align: center;" rowstyle="background: #3074c2; color: white;" style="border: 2px solid #080c30; font-weight: bold; font-size: 2em;"> Join the Docs Project! ||
  ||<tablestyle="border=0;" style="font-size: 1.3em; line-height: 1.2em; border=0;"> New reviewers, writers, and editors are '''very''' welcome. <BR> <BR> [[DocsProject/WhyJoin| Why join?]]  | [[DocsProject/NewWriters| Getting started]]  | [[DocsProject/Translation| Translating docs]]  ||
== Contributing roles in the Docs project ==
{{admon/tip|Contributing roles|This is only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits. }}
[[Join#Content_Writer|Content writer]]
[[Join#OS_Developer|OS Developer]]
[[Join#Web_Developer_or_Administrator|Web Developer or Administrator]]
== Mission Statement ==
{{admon/tip|Joining the Documentation Project| To join the Fedora Documentation Project, jump to [[Joining_the_Docs_Project| Joining the Docs Project]] for details on how to sign up. If you are interested in ''translating'' Fedora documentation, jump over to the [[L10N|L10n (localization) Project's]] wiki pages.}}
== Communication Channels ==
* '''Mailing List:''' For formal discussions, the Fedora Documentation Project uses the [ fedora-docs] mailing list.
* '''IRC:''' For informal discussions about Fedora Documentation, many members of the project frequent the '''#fedora-docs''' channel on ''''''.
* '''Meetings:''' Weekly Fedora Documentation Project meetings are held on Thursdays at 0001 UTC, in the '''#fedora-meeting''' channel on ''''''. Check out the [[Docs_Project_meetings| Meetings]] wiki page for past meetings minutes, and the agenda for the upcoming meeting.
== How we do it. ==
Documents typically begin life on the Fedora wiki.  This is to aid the development of the document until it can be finalized.  Unfinished documents are categorized as [[:Category:Draft_Documentation]].  Once the document is deemed complete, the Draft_Documentation category is replaced by the [[:Category:Documentation]] category.
If the documentation is deemed to be "official" and in need of a more permanent home, the wiki pages are translated into Docbook XML of which can then be used to generate HTML and RPM files that are used to disseminate to the public.  HTML files are published at and RPM files are published in the Fedora repository.
== What we are working on now. ==
Published documentation can be found on or on this wiki under [[:Category:Documentation]].  Draft documentation can be found under [[:Category:Draft_Documentation]].
We are working on a number of [[Docs Project guides | guides]] that aid users in setting up and using Fedora:
* Installation Guide
* Release Notes
* Security Guide
* SELinux Guide
* User Guide
* Deployment Guide
* RPM Guide
* Amateur Radio Giude
== Would you like to join us? ==
If you would like to join the Docs Project please go to [[Joining_the_Docs_Project| Joining the Docs Project]] and start the process.  Also check out the [[Joining_the_Docs_Project_checklist| Joining the Docs Project checklist]].
== Project Administration ==
* [[Docs Project tasks| Schedule of tasks]]  to implement the goals
* [[Docs_Project_meetings| Minutes and summaries of past meetings]]
* [[Contributors_to_docs_project| A list of our contributors]]
* [[Improving_the_Docs_Project_workflow| Ideas on Improving the Documentation Process Workflow]]
== Documentation Licensing ==
All documentation produced by Fedora is released under the [ Open Publication License] :
== Miscellanea ==
The following pages collect notes, hints, and other bric-a-brac that would otherwise be lost to the vagaries of the list archive's "search" function.
* [[DocsProject/UsefulScripts| Useful scripts]]
Check the [[FAQ]]  on this wiki for general information on Fedora and links to other resources.
== Stuff ==
The central project workflow page is [[DocsProject/WorkFlow| DocsProject/WorkFlow]] .

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