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[[Category:Fedora sub-projects]]
{{:Docs Project mission statement}}
== I want to... ==
* '''[[:Category:Documentation|I want to find documentation.]]'''
* '''[[Reporting problems with Docs|I want to report a problem.]]'''
* '''[[What the Docs Project does|I want to know what the Documentation Project does.]]'''
* '''[[L10N|I want to translate documents.]]'''
* '''[[Join the Docs Project|I want to join the Documentation Project.]]'''
* '''[[Docs Project tasks|I want to find a task to work on.]]'''
== How to communicate with the Docs Project ==
* '''Mailing List:''' For formal discussions, the Fedora Documentation Project uses the [] mailing list.
* '''[[How to use IRC|IRC]]:''' For informal discussions about Fedora Documentation, many members of the project frequent the '''#fedora-docs''' channel on ''''''.
* '''Meetings:''' Weekly Fedora Documentation Project meetings are held on Wednesdays at 2300 UTC, in the '''#fedora-meeting''' channel on ''''''. Check out the [[Docs Project meetings| Meetings]] wiki page for past meetings minutes, and the agenda for the upcoming meeting.
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== Documentation licensing ==
All documentation produced by Fedora is released under the [ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 Unported License].

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