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Here you will find the formal documentation for Fedora, as well as draft documents that aren't yet finished. Formal documentation is the responsibility of the DocsProject .

Published Documentation

Published full-length guides and tutorials

The Docs Project writes all its official guides in DocBook XML. These guides are provided to the public in HTML, HTML-Single, ePub, and PDF format and is available at

Draft Documents

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Draft documents
Draft documents may be incomplete or contain errors. You can help and contribute by editing them properly.
  • Beats - These are the very latest Release Notes for Fedora, as they are developed
  • - The entire Wiki has many useful documents, which are not formal Fedora documents but may be what you need. Try the Wiki search to find your topic.

The difference between the "wiki" and "guides"

Documents typically begin life on the Fedora wiki. This is to aid the development of the document until it can be finalized. Unfinished documents are categorized as Category:Draft_Documentation. Once the document is deemed complete, the Draft_Documentation category is replaced by the Category:Documentation category.

If the documentation is deemed to be "official" and in need of a more permanent home, the wiki pages are translated into Docbook XML which can then be used to generate HTML and RPM files that are distributed to the public. HTML files are published at and RPM files are published in the Fedora repository.

More details are found on the Docs Project workflow page.

Working with Development Tools