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Os 'Pacotes do Fedora' são geridos coletivamente por uma comunidade de ambos os membros do Red Hat e dos voluntários.

Regras de Colaboração

Regras de Colaboração
This is only a suggestion for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.

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OS Developer

Outras hiperligações úteis para os 'Gestores de Pacote'


  • Package Review Process - describes the formal review process (for both contributors and reviewers)
  • Packaging SIGs - Informal groups of packagers working on specific areas of the distribution
  • EPEL - Rebuild of Fedora packages for RHEL or compatible derivatives

Linhas Diretrizes de Empacotamento

The Packaging Committee handles the rules and guidelines for writing SPEC files for software in Fedora. The most important ones:

Introdução ao Empacotamento

Procedimentos, Políticas e Guias

Recursos para os colaboradores da 'Coleção de Pacote do Fedora'

Listas de Discussão Importantes

  • devel-announce is a low traffic, announcements only, list, where important development information is posted.
  • devel is a high traffic mailing list, where discussions about the development of Fedora are held.
  • package-announce is a very high traffic mailing list, where notifications are given for all the commits in any package in the Fedora repository. Note that the Fedora package database sends commit mails for packages you (co-)maintain.
  • packaging is the mailing list of the Fedora Packaging Committee, who determine the official packaging guidelines for Fedora projects.

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

Fedora technical management is organized by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo).

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