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=== Packages awaiting review ===
=== Packages awaiting review ===
* [ ROOT] - High energy physics data analysis package [ #451744]
[ The tracker is in Bugzilla].
* [ Trilinos] - Collection of packages that support parallel linear algebra computations, solution of linear, non-linear and eigen systems of equations and related capabilities. [ #453703]
* [ open64] - The Open64 compiler collection [ #470830]
* [ pypar] - Parallel programming with Python [ #487521]
* [ Gri] - GRI scientific plotting language [ #484386]
* [  STXXL] - STXXL extra large C++ Standard Template Library implementation [ #474787 ]
* [ scilab ] - Scilab numerical computing and data processing environment [ #472639]
* [ Armadillo ] - template C++ linear algebra library with good balance of speed/ease of use [ #489686]
* [ elfelli] - Visualisation tool for flux lines - [ #496742]
* [ healpy] - A python wrapper of the healpix library [ #504430]
=== Potential Packages ===
=== Potential Packages ===

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Fedora Science and Technology SIG


The purpose of the Fedora Science and Technology SIG is to improve the number and quality of packages available for scientific and technical users.


Packagers/Reviewers/People interested



  • SAGE packaging discussion
  • MPI work:
  • Use environment-modules to improve the "MPI alternatives" situation -- please see the proposal at the bottom of EdHill
  • Make a Fedora-science spin.


Available Packages

Packages awaiting review

The tracker is in Bugzilla.

Potential Packages

Bioinformatics WishList

List of applications we will NOT package

  • Non-commercial clauses in applications licenses render them invalid for inclusion into Fedora Package Collection. Such apps are not Free and open source software and violates Clause 6 of the OSI definition. See an example of such clause:
This software may be copied and distributed for educational, research, and not
for profit purposes provided that this copyright and statement are included in
all such copies.  Other copyrights may also apply.
Name Description Why it won't be packaged
EMC2 Mesh generation utility Non-Free license (verified by fedora-legal)
VMD Molecular Visualization and Analysis Package Non-Free license
fasta2 and fasta3 The FASTA programs find regions of local or global (new) similarity between Protein or DNA sequences License contains non-commercial clause
foo bar app patented


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