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IBus 1.5.24


IBus will use the mmap(2) feature to show emoji and Unicode tables in order to reduce the physical memory usage.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 34
  • Last updated: 2020-12-30
  • FESCo issue: <will be assigned by the Wrangler>
  • Tracker bug: <will be assigned by the Wrangler>
  • Release notes tracker: <will be assigned by the Wrangler>

Detailed Description

Currently IBus disables the emoji and Unicode features in some system users likes gdm, liveuser, gnome-initial-setup not to exhaust the limited memory usage with LiveDVD. The emoji data requires about 10MB and the Unicode data requires about 15MB and the total 25MB is required roughly to show the tables. The Fedora testers ask to test the emoji feature and Unicode feature in LiveDVD and the next IBus will use mmap to be available the emoji and Unicode data with liveuser.


Fedora I18N testers asks to test the emoji and Unicode data without installing Fedora to disc.

Benefit to Fedora

IBus will reduce the physical memory usage to load the emoji and Unicode data per user.


  • Proposal owners:
  • Other developers: N/A
  • Policies and guidelines: N/A
  • Trademark approval: N/A
  • Alignment with Objectives:

Upgrade/compatibility impact

About 25MB free disc space will be needed.

How To Test

  1. Run Fedora LiveDVD and log into the Fedora desktop
  2. Run gnome-control-center region and add both XKB and input method sources. E.g. "English (US)" and "Hangul"
  3. Enable an XKB source with mouse or Super-space shortcut key. E.g. "English (US)"
  4. Type Ctrl-Shift-e, "smile", space, and Enter key.

U+1F603 is output.

User Experience

The physical memory usage will be reduced.



Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Revert the change to IBus.
  • Contingency deadline: Beta release
  • Blocks release? No
  • Blocks product? None



Release Notes