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Responsibility Matrix for the Two Week Atomic Fedora Change

This is a RACI matrix for tasks required to implement the Layered Docker Image Build Service. We'll also use it for basic progress tracking, because one wiki table is less evil than two.

Is this current?

It is, as of June 18, 2015.


Here, we're using what Wikipedia calls "RACI (alternative scheme)":

The person responsible for the performance of the task. There should be exactly one person with this assignment for each task.
Those who assist completion of the task.
Those whose opinions are sought; and with whom there is two-way communication.
Those who are kept up-to-date on progress; and with whom there is one-way communication.

Task Table

This an early cut. Please feel free to add new tasks as appropriate — just let one of the coordinators know.
Task Subtask Responsible Assists Consulted Informed Current Status
Client tools 0%
Create package fed-osbs with configuration and fed-osbs executable 0%
Create Workflow of whole process 0%
Write down the documentation 0%
Figure out how dockerfiles should be stored in dist-git 0%
Define workflow of building images -- what plugins should be used during build 0%
Deploy koji containerbuild plugin 0%
Deploy OpenShift v3 0%
Build RPMs 0%
Provision machine(s) 0%
Install and setup OpenShift 0%
Create build image 0%
Setup a distribution mechanism 0%
Set up http/ftp 0%
Set up NFS where OSBS will store images 0%
Implement in OSBS so it can push images to docker hub 0%

Glossary of Nicknames

Various Task Notes