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The Fedora Cloud SIG works to make Fedora successful on all major cloud platforms, public and private.

Mailing List


Fedora Cloud folks hang out on at #fedora-cloud.


Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays, 2100 UTC on #fedora-meeting (currently 1700 Eastern US daylight time (UTC-4)).

Upcoming meeting agenda

Next meeting: 2010/07/01 - 2100 UTC (5pm Eastern), in #fedora-meeting.

  • Status check: Action items from previous meeting.
    • huff to post AMI feature set to mailing list
    • ke4qqq Research and report back on possible costs of testing, if amazon has a recommendation on testing with large groups of testers, check into cost approval with ... whoever would pay for it.
    • jforbes submit for F14 feature list
    • rbergeron to figure out an even better time for a meeting
    • jeevan_ullas send note to mailing list with list of packages, dependencies, etc. that we might want to get people to volunteer to work on packaging, even if they are more longer-term / strategic items. Anyone else wanting to contribute to this list - please do so.
    • rbergeron to take list from jeevan_ullas mail and get it on wiki
  • Status Update: kernel status
  • Add your agenda item here.

Past Meetings

Current Projects