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* Fedora '''[[EmailAliases|email alias]]''';
* Fedora '''[[EmailAliases|email alias]]''';
* Personnal '''[[Infrastructure/| web space]]'''.
* Personnal '''[[Infrastructure/| web space]]'''.
* An '''[[OpenID]]]''' provider at <FAS_username>
* An '''[[OpenID]]''' provider at <FAS_username>
= Online editing =
= Online editing =

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Fedora Contributor FOSS collaborative tools (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

This page is a draft. Don't consider what is written here as 100% true, and feel free to add content. Started on the logistic mailing list.

Four Foundations: Freedom The Freedom, one of our four Foundations, engages us to use, promote and distribute Free content and tools. As a Fedora Project contributor, you would certainly prefer using Free tools in all the contributions that you may do. This page is aimed to provide you some hints to archive this goal, and you're more than welcome to add you idea.

Fedora Project Contributor Specific

All Fedora contributors who have signed the CLA (or FPCA) with an active account, and that have joined at least one other FAS group, automatically benefit of a:

Online editing

  • You could use in order to create a new pad (an online document that you'll be able to edit in concurrency with other contributors).

Note: If you've your own server, you could also use Gobby (Sobby is the Obby server), which is really simple, but fast (to install and use) and powerful (as collaborative text editor).

Poll (or Scheduling poll)


Publishing content

Some work is done about an Insight calendar.

User help

Tools that people wish to see in our infra

Open Source is more about getting things done than shooting your wishes, ask in the logistic mailing list if you want to help.

  • There could be an Open alternative to Google docs using the UNG Project,
  • Mumble for voip chat
  • limesurvey a nice survey facility. (Marketing wish, at least)
  • Etherpad (there is already an online running free instance, See the Etherpad wiki page read more about our past work.