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This page documents common bugs in Fedora 33 and, if available, fixes or workarounds for these problems. If you find your problem in this page, do not file a bug for it, unless otherwise instructed. Where appropriate, a reference to the current bug(s) in Bugzilla is included.

Release Notes

Read the F33 Beta release announcement for specific information about changes in Fedora 33 and other general information.

My bug is not listed

Not every bug is listed in this page, but Bugzilla should be a comprehensive database of known bugs. This page is a sampling of the bugs most commonly discussed on our mailing lists and forums.

To see if your bug has already been reported, you can search Bugzilla. If it has not yet been reported, we encourage you to do so to help improve Fedora for yourself and others. A guide to Bugs and feature requests has been prepared to assist you.

If you believe an already-reported bug report should be added to this page because it is commonly encountered, you can:

  • Add it yourself, if you have wiki access. Common bugs instructions provides guidance on how to add an entry to the page correctly, but the most important thing is to make sure that the bug is listed - don't worry if you don't get the format quite right, we can clean it up later.
  • Or, add the CommonBugs keyword to the bug report. Someone from the QA team will then inspect the issue to determine whether the bug should be listed as a common bug. To expedite your request, please add a comment to the bug that includes
    1. a summary of the problem
    2. any known workarounds
    3. an assessment on the impact to Fedora users

For reference, you can query Bugzilla for bugs tagged CommonBugs:

  • CommonBugs? (bugs with CommonBugs keyword, but do not yet have a link to this page)
  • CommonBugs+(bugs with CommonBugs keyword and contain a link to this page)

System Issues

A memory leak on select AMD cards

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1880833

Some users have reported a memory leak on their AMD cards that lead to consuming all free memory and a system freeze. The issue does not occur on all AMD cards. Please, report your AMD set-up if you are affected by this issue.

Secure Boot fails to boot F33 Beta image

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1883609

Booting Fedora 33 with Secure Boot switched on ends with the "Secure Boot Image failed to verify with *ACCESS DENIED* error on computers with updated DBX database (mostly dualboots with Ubuntu). The Ubuntu update prevents Fedora's shim from booting. Ubuntu has already proposed to revert the update, so this issue should not emerge in nearest future, but some computers might have already be affected.

If your computer is affected by this problem, do not switch off Secure Boot but try to clear the Secure Boot keys using your computer's Setup tool. On some computers, a factory reset might be necessary to do it.

Switching off Secure Boot should be the very last option to workaround this issue.

Installation issues

Switching keyboard layout by Anaconda does not work in mutter (Wayland)

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1389959

The graphical version of Anaconda runs on Wayland in Fedora Workstation Live image, which causes a situation that the keyboard layouts cannot be switched using a key combo (usually alt+shift). This will happen on system where more keyboard layouts have been added to the system.

The layouts can be switched by using the layout indicator in the upper right corner of the screen.

Desktop issues

Login stuck when changing users repeatedly in KDE (log out, log in a different one)

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1861700

On Fedora 33 KDE, the login screen can freeze when users log in and out repetitively in a sequence.

The reason why this is happening is unclear at the moment. To prevent the issue from happening, try to avoid logging out and logging in too quickly. When logging out from a user account, wait some time before you try to log in again.

Google account: Credentials have expired

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1885479

The Google accound credentials are reported to have expired, although they have been correctly added and should be working.

This problem is caused by improper unlocking the keyring which might occur with some of the authentication methods, such as autologin or using the CLI passwd to change your user password.

If you experience this bug, do not use autologin and use the GUI method to change your password.

Pantheon session does not work at all

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1891057

The Pantheon session currently does not work at all. There is no known workaround, other than to hold off upgrading to Fedora 33 when relying on the Pantheon session, or temporarily switching to a different desktop environment.

Retrace jobs seem to always fail

link to this item - Bugzilla: #1895154

Currently, the ABRT's function to retrace jobs fails if remote tracing is selected. Use local tracing instead.

ARM & AArch64

Arm SBCs

link to this item

A number of aarch64 devices where the firmware doesn't provide a compatible DT, such as NVidia Jetson devices will fail to boot the Fedora 33 Final images. It is recommended to use the Fedora 33 Beta and upgrade to the final release.

Allwinner SBC's

link to this item

Some Allwinner SBC's may have degraded or unavailable network due to a bug in the GA kernel (5.8.15-301.fc33). It is recommended to use the Fedora 33 Beta image and not upgrade the kernel or use a USB network adapter until the fix is stable. A more complete fix to this issue is being worked on.