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Community Architecture FY09 Goals

These are our team goals for FY09 (March 2008 - February 2009).

Goals that are written in strikethrough have been completed.

As our goals change throughout the year, this page will be updated and modified. It will be reviewed by the team quarterly.

Max, Greg, Jack, and Karsten are "official" members of the Community Architecture team, meaning that they are part of that team's internal management structure at Red Hat. Other people whose names appear on this list are doing work to assist the Community Architecture team, but are not part of its management chain.

Expand University Community

Multischool university tour in Q1.

  • Visit approximately 15 universities throughout the United States, generating leads with students and faculty that will be pursued during the rest of the year. (Jack)
  • Curriculum/Linux lab deal with CMU. (Jack)
  • Open source course at Syracuse. (Jack)
  • Fedora Campus Ambassadors. (Jack) FIXME: is the name right, and add a link to the page.

Seneca College and Red Hat partnership.

  • Contract signed with Seneca College for an open source course (taught by Chris Tyler and based on Fedora. (Greg)
  • FIXME: What else regarding Seneca? How about the general case of a curriculum that can be used elsewhere, building on Will Cohen's work? (Greg or Jack)
  • Solid Fedora presence at FSOSS. (Jack)

Hire and manage interns for Fedora & Community Architcture. (Max)

Implement Fedora Scholarship program. (Max)

Focus on university communities in India. (Rahul)

Strengthen Global Community

Take FUDCon Global.

Fedora presence at important worldwide events.

Stewardship and leadership of the Ambassadors project.

  • Work with FAMSCo on global events. (Max)
  • Be the point of contact for North American community. (Karsten)
  • Be the point of contact for Central & South American community. (Greg)
  • Be the point of contact for EMEA community. (Max)
  • Be the point of contact for Asia & Australia community. (Harish)
  • Be the point of contact for India community. (Max)
  • Hire a permanent Community Architecture presence for Central & South America. (Max)

Leadership of our community in India. (Rahul)


Strengthen business value of community development work Success

stories coming from large RH customer || Greg & Max || Ongoing

- Build ISV ecosystem with Fedora/EPEL Greg and Karsten


- Develop func and cobbler with enterprise contributors Greg


- Making Spacewalk happen Greg DONE
- Assist in community development of FreeIPA Greg 10%
- Continue development of EPEL Max Ongoing
Community marketing Provide leadership to Fedora Marketing team

Greg || Ongoing

- Create and localize messaging index Greg 25%
- Fedora 9 GTM plan Max & Paul DONE
- Fedora success stories Max Ongoing
- Spokesmodel training Max Ongoing
- Work with Red Hat corporate communications team Max & Paul


- Provide leadership to Fedora Weekly News Max


- Provide leadership to Fedora Free Media Max


Community engineering & technical achievements Produce localized

spins of Fedora || Max || 25%

- Finish wevisor in the community Max & Yaakov 10%
- Windows program for LiveUSB creation Max & Luke Macken DONE
- Provide leadership to Fedora Websites team Max Ongoing
- Fedora TV / Miro Greg 30%
- Online Services/Desktop opportunities Jack 0%
- Investigate Amazon and Fedora opportunities Max & Mike McGrath 0%
- JBoss/Fedora live spin & packaging Karsten & Greg 0%
- Real-time IRC translation services Greg & intern John McLean 25%
- Establish product plan for K12 Linux (channel) Greg


- Assist with OLPC/Sugar Greg & Dennis Gilmore Ongoing
- Increase Fedora mirrors in Asia & India Harish Ongoing
General Management Budget and meeting leadership Max Ongoing

greg: olpc quick wins, sugar on fedora, fedora on olpc

karsten: isv strategy, java packaging

jack: education, CMU, fsoss, college reps -- MIT next week starting up their Fedora Users Group, which is the beginning of the campus ambassadors project, with the goal for announcement for FSOSS. CMU in the hands of business affairs, another goal is the announcement at FSOSS. Syracuse is going to be teaching an open source class

fsoss: campus ambass kickoff, cmu?, fedora scholarship

other: marketing (jack/greg), na ambassadors (karsten), websites (max), (karsten)