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These is a subsection draft of the larger Process around Reimbursements and Sponsoring event attendees.

Process for payment with the community credit cards

Let Community Card Holders pay for you
In NA, EMEA, and LATAM, we have community credit cards that can be used for expenses. The receipts are collected by the card's main point of contact, and Red Hat pays the credit card bill from the Community Architecture budget. The points of contact are John Rose (NA), Joerg Simon (EMEA), and Neville Cross (LATAM).

Where are the Community Credit Cards most usable?

  • buy things online on trusted online platforms!
  • reimburse with paypal
  • SWAG Vendors who accept card payments
  • Vendors for Booth decoration who accept card payments
  • pre-pay for hotel accomodation
  • pre-pay travel tickets
  • buy dinners ;)
  • pay for SWAG shipment
  • ... feel free to add more what could make sence

Payment Regulation

There are 3 scenarios

  1. initial Request goes to FAmSCo
  2. initial Request goes to CommArch
  3. initial Request goes to the Card Holder

for each scenario there are 3 stages which provide the necessary peer-review and transparency.

  1. the initial Community-/Contributor-Request - like from a individual person or the fudcon-planning group etc. ...
  2. PeerReview and approval
    1. Regional ambassador meeting
    2. FAMSCo makes a special decision
    3. Community team or FPL makes a request or makes a decision
    4. FUDCon or FAD planners need some budget
  3. direct handling of the payment by Card Holder with vendor, group or contributor

Fedora comm card process.png

goes into the FAmSCo Tracking-System - do not forget to cc the responsible CardHolders in Trac and choose your region, so we know which region needs the money! FAmSCo Trac Admin keeps sure that card holders have full access to the FAmSCo-Trac!

Special Cases

  • If a Card Holder has to make a urgent decision - for a payment and can not create a ticket first, he is in charge to report the use of budget in the tracking system to provide a predictable budget.