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Fedora containers: next steps (workshop)

1. Introduction. Who are we? Who are you? We are here for you and we can talk about things you are interested in. Introduction of the Container SIG OSBS new features ( Automatic Release bump, Automatic Rebuild when base image is updated, ...)

2. Introduction of what we did at Red Hat (processes) and introduction to our tools. Pagure over dist-git. - T colin -> Zdravomil - linting dockerfiles. - D Betka - syncing changes from upstream to downstream dist-git. -J Solenya - create a scratch build once new pull-request arrive to pagure - D ucho + celery - what is the home of our bots and how they cooperate How do you get the new build to bodhi? - T code done can push images to registry final release test

3. Design discussion on what can we do at Fedora side: Validation. How can I use taskotron to validate my image? Dockerfile linting Does it run in OpenShift? (Do we care about this?) Automation (least amount of steps for container maintainers). Delivery (can I have the container on my system ASAP?).

4. Hacking time? Do we wanna start hacking on things we just discussed? We could get people to submit PRs to update the Dockerfiles in distgit since I think there are a few that are a bit out of date. open issues here -->  Automatic versioning based on a "main rpm" version (maybe we work on that during hacking time) Moving issues from atomic-wg to container SIG.

Adding people to the containerSIG group on

Parking lot (potential topics for discussion):

Notes Multiarch images coming soon intel, arm, power, s390 Betka fedmsg -- parse messages pagure webhooks Flatpak builds container images from module dist-git Build container images automatically out of modules pingou wrote koji-simple-ci tool to build RPMs as scratch builds in koji get inspired for container images 2 weeks rebuild: we should have an automation in-place to create bodhi updates a service which would create bodhi update once a container image build is done (via fedmsg) TODO: open source the bots finally! create tasks in container SIG and get help from community enable using candidate registry as a base image for builds SIG We need a leader who would organize the whole SIG -- connect people, coordinate, decide things Focus Guidelines Review existing guidelines (an easy way to submit and maintain container images) figure out status update template repo and status of the images Inftrastructure Run on top of Fedora based one(using packages and images build on our infrstructure) Support the container packagers tools, etc Support the container users image streams,... Define the tasks well so anyone can pick them up issues not @packager, but @container-maintainer time and place of the IRC meeting

  1. fedora-containers

write down best practices: where do we discuss what? CoreOS: discourse - users, pagure - design discussions Fedora taiga? Issue tracking for container images Dusty suggests pagure dist-git issue tracker Clement uses WG issue tracker F30 is the time when atomic thing will start going away CentOS has a container something SIG (CCCP) -- do we join forces? Invite them for our SIG meeting