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Estimated Costs: $120 USD
Estimated Costs: $120 USD

DFD Cake - $90 USD
* DFD Cake - $90 USD
Food - $30 USD
* Food - $30 USD

[ Budget Request Ticket]
[ Budget Request Ticket]

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Document Freedom Day 2018: Singapore


Date & Time: March 28, 2018, 1900 to 2100.

Location: Rakuten Office Singapore

Event Description

Document Freedom Day is about celebrating libre document formats like ODF! Ever year, we come together to discussing and learning more about libre document formats. Libre document formats help to get rid of restrictions and vendor lock-ins of proprietary software vendors.

We'll have our traditional libre document cake. Everyone is free to attend, even if you don't use Fedora!


Event Owners

Woo Huiren

Fedoreans Involved

Event Planners:

Event Schedule


Do you have an idea or would like to speak? Please let the event owner know!

Event Budget

Estimated Costs: $120 USD

  • DFD Cake - $90 USD
  • Food - $30 USD

Budget Request Ticket

Event Report