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Release artwork is that part of Fedora artwork that changes with each new release. The most notable part is the wallpaper, but it also contains various banners for anaconda, firstboot and websites, splashes and login manager design. This page describes how this artwork is created

Step 0 – Release name

Because we base our artwork on the release name we need to know it first. This is a community-wide process and the final name for next release usually gets selected early in a release cycle.

Step 1 – Design concept

When we have the name we start working on a design concept. We strongly recommend the concept being abstract for various reasons but tied to the release name. It's usual to work on more than one concepts at this stage. Approximately a week before Alpha freeze, we select a few designs that we think are best and include wallpapers featuring these in the Alpha release.

Step 2 – Supportive graphics

When Alpha is out there is a brief period of gathering feedback from testers and based on that we select final design to be worked it. Next the other parts of the release graphics are being created. See !needlink for the list of what is being created. The supportive graphics is included in Beta release and beyond this point no change in the concept is allowed.

Step 3 – Finish

Take our time and polish all the parts. The final artwork is the result and gets in the Release Candidate

Side work – Personalisation

For each release we select about four open licensed images targeted at these audiences:

  • men audience
  • women audience
  • children audience

These can come both from our Wallpaper Extras project or from elsewhere.