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== What's new? ==
== What's new? ==
* Inclusion of [ Krita] software by default {{bz|1295161}} upon request.
* [[Grand_Hotel_Fonts|Grand Hotel]]  and [[Molot_Fonts|Molot]] fonts available by default.
* Typeface [[Montserrat_Fonts|Montserrat]] available by default.
* {{package|gimp}} gains extra plugins for lenses correction, {{package|gimpfx-foundry}} and {{package|gimp-save-for-web}}.
* Add [ Gnome Photos] as preview.  
* Add {{package|gnome-book}}, {{package|gnome-calendar}}, and [ Gnome Photos] as preview.  
* gThumb is added because its ability to organize files and folders (inspired by Riley Brandt Photography tutorials)
* Benefiting from the ability of File Manager to group rename, this release drops gthumb from default being redundant.
* [ Darktable 2.0 and up] is only available for 64-bits architecture
* {{package|blender}} 2.78 regains support of {{package|LuxRender}} updated to 1.4, {{package|Yafaray}} is dropped from default.
* New supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 24 in addition of those from Fedora 23.  
* [ New supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 25]. Version from Fedora 23 release dropped from default media.
* More tutorials on the list (mostly in English).
* More tutorials on the list (mostly in English).

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Fedora Design Suite


The Fedora Design Suite is a tool that includes well-selected applications from Design Team fitting a variety of use cases whether you decide to work on publishing documents, creating images, pictures, website, basic animation or even 3D content.

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A set of packages ranged from graphics to typefaces included in the Design Suite.

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  • IRC channel: #fedora-design on Freenode
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