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How to contact the Diversity team
Mailing list: diversity
Visit this link to sign up for the email list for the Diversity team.
Chat: #fedora-diversity[?]
This is where real-time chat with Diversity team members happens.

The Fedora Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone. Our community is based on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement, and we are working to help each other live up to these principles. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in Fedora community. We welcome participation from everyone as long as they interact constructively within the Fedora community. Please, refer to our Code of Conduct if you need more information.


The goal of this initiative is to help foster diversity and inclusion in Fedora community. Fedora Diversity team works towards this goal by focusing on efforts including (but not limited to)

  • Creating content and organizing events to spread awareness about diversity in Fedora within and outside the Fedora community.
  • Supporting community building and engagement activities to foster inclusion.
  • Coordinating with Fedora SIGs and subprojects to foster Diversity and Inclusion in the community.
  • Supporting programs committed to building diversity and inclusion in Free and Open Source Software communities.

Getting Assistance

If you need assistance with an issue in the Fedora community, contact the Diversity Adviser or the member of the diversity team.


If you'd like to help out, please send an introduction to the mailing list and introduce yourself in IRC. You can also join the conversation on Telegram bridge to IRC here.

We are working on the joining process here in the ticket. We will add more on it soon here.


The Diversity team meets bi-weekly in #fedora-diversity at 12:30 UTC on Fridays. The calendar for future meetings is available here. Meeting logs are available at Meetbot

Current Projects

We are tracking our work and action items here in Pagure.

Fedora Women

Fedora Women aims to foster involvement of women (cis and trans) and genderqueer people in Fedora and Free and Open Source Software.


Fedora Diversity team organizes and supports a variety of events with an aim of fostering diversity and inclusion in Fedora community. Here is the list of events. We encourage all the Fedora community contributors to join us and help us in organizing the local and/or virtual events aliged to these goals.

Community Contacts

Diversity efforts require that we work with all parts of Fedora. Below is a list of contact persons for each project.

Team Contact People
Ambassadors See your regional mentor(s)
CommOps Justin W. Flory, Bee Padalkar
Design Máirín Duffy, Chhavi S
Globalization Pravin Satpute, Jona Azizaj
Magazine Justin W. Flory (editor-in-chief), Paul Frields, Ryan Lerch
Marketing Brian Proffitt, Justin W. Flory, Eduard Lucena
389 Amita