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Task table

This table may be transcluded in other locations, but originates at Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table.

Task Assignee Due date Next milestone Status
Update helping-hand docs quaid, stickster 15 Dec 10 Dec Review, organize, rewrite, simplify, and categorize Docs team helper docs
Virtual hackfest over Holidaze - organize User:Sparks 10 Dec 31 Dec Virtual hackfests over holiday break -- wiki cleanp-up, training on tools and processes, testing of Docs helping-hand docs
Toolchain next steps quaid, stickster, User:Jsmith 25 Dec 15 Dec Sorting out what fedora-doc-utils does, where to use Publican, etc.
Publican migration ALL ??? ??? Figure out steps for a migration of each guide; track that in each guide's Trac; get it done soon perhaps before the next package update?
Team per document ALL 15 Jan. 2009 15 Dec. 2009 Work on getting teams committed by 15 Dec.; any without teams are put on a 'to be dropped list', that is announced widely and loudly; FUDCon is the last chance to gather interest, then they are dropped by 15 Jan.
CMS for ALL 31 Dec 08 Dec Quick decision, testing, then roll out plan.
Future of Fedora Docs quaid 07 Dec. 03 Dec. Karsten needs to explain his new role in CommunityArchitecture and how he has focus on getting Docs really moving, then getting out of the way permanently.
Student mentoring quaid, ke4qqq Ongoing Ongoing Focus on wiki and entry tasks; regular check-ins; keep scope and choices narrow where there is lots of room to succeed and learn; FLOSS Proj Mgmt session at FUDCon?
Update task lists quaid, ke4qqq Ongoing 03 Dec ke4qqq helping with new contributor tasks, quaid working on all lists; IG and relnotes moved to hosted Trac.
Docs to quaid, stickster 15 Dec. 07 Dec. 75% complete?

Migrating away from Docs CVS and into Fedora Hosted

New task list structure

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Write new pages in to Docs Project tasks and.

Beat management for release notes

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Check out beat assignments, update
    1. Contact SIG or sub-project where there is a hole in their beat; seek assignment :)
  2. Integrate in to Docs_Project_tasks
  3. Reminders
    • Nagmail to fedora-devel-list, fedora-devel-announce, others? - 2008-09-09
    • Blog posts - 2008-09-04
  4. Pass on task to another person as closure

Wiki to DocBook process and tools update

Assignee: User:Kwade

  1. Install python-mwlib
  2. Work through output quality
    1. Check that wiki editing rules are still useful, what did they output?
  3. Get output to build in publican
    1. Scripted conversion -- get scripts in git, do good documentation
    2. Manual conversion -- notes in git required