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These writing, editing, and publishing tasks require some familiarity with Fedora and/or the Docs Project. These are highlights of the most important currently. Check Category:Docs Project content tasks for experienced contributors for additional tasks and details not highlighted here.

Release notes - lead writer

Assignee:Karsten (quaid) Wade

Task tracking:

Installation Guide - lead writer


Task tracking:

Packaging Guide - lead writer

Assignee:Karsten (quaid) Wade

Task tracking:Packaging Guide tasks

User Guide - lead writer


Task tracking:User Guide tasks

Bug triage

Team:Karsten (quaid) Wade, User:Jmtaylor

Task tracking:Docs bug triage tasks

Virtualization Guide


Task Tracking:Virtualization Guide Tasks

RPM Guide

This content has languished for a while, still has relevant bits, and can be picked up as a contribution with the upstream

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This outdated guide continues to be the top hit for the search 'rpm guide' at


Task Tracking: