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{{Admon/warning | Document is Final | The contents of this beat have been sent for translation for the GA version of the Release Notes.  Any additional changes to this beat will not appear until after the release of Fedora 12.  If you have zero-day changes, be sure to post a bug. }}
== Hardware Requirements ==
{{Admon/warning | Minimums may not always be sufficient | The minimum memory listed below may not be sufficient for all situations.  In particular, installation in a virtual machine may require memory closer to the "Recommended" value. }}
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==== Processor and memory requirements for x86 Architectures====
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The following CPU specifications are stated in terms of Intel processors. Other processors, such as those from AMD, Cyrix, and VIA that are compatible with and equivalent to the following Intel processors, may also be used with Fedora.
Fedora {{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}} requires an Intel Pentium Pro or better processor, and is optimized for i686 and later processors.
* Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium Pro or better
* Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium Pro or better
* Minimum RAM for text-mode: 128MiB
* Minimum RAM for graphical: 192MiB
* Recommended RAM for graphical: 256MiB
==== Processor and memory requirements for x86_64 architectures ====
* Minimum RAM for text-mode: 256MiB
* Minimum RAM for graphical: 384MiB
* Recommended RAM for graphical: 512MiB
==== Hard disk space requirements for all architectures ====
The complete packages can occupy over 9 GB of disk space.  Final size is entirely determined by the installing spin and the packages selected during installation.  Additional disk space is required during installation to support the installation environment. This additional disk space corresponds to the size of <code>/Fedora/base/stage2.img</code> (on Installation Disc 1) plus the size of the files in <code>/var/lib/rpm</code> on the installed system.
In practical terms, additional space requirements may range from as little as 90 MiB for a minimal installation to as much as an additional 175 MiB for a larger installation.
Additional space is also required for any user data, and at least 5% free space should be maintained for proper system operation.
=== Hardware stance ===
From [[ForbiddenItems]]:
* If it is proprietary, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it is legally encumbered, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it violates United States federal law, it cannot be included in Fedora.

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