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= Hardware Overview =
Users often request that Fedora provide a ''hardware compatibility list'', which we have carefully avoided doing.  Why?  It is a difficult and thankless task that is best handled by the community at large than by one little Linux distribution.
However, because of our stance against closed-source hardware drivers and the problems of binary firmware for hardware, there is some additional information the Fedora Project wants to provide Fedora users.
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== Useful hardware information in these release notes ==
* For 32-bit x86 - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86]]  
* For 64-bit x86 - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86_64| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86_64]]  
* For PowerPC - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/PPC| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/PPC]]  
== Hardware stance ==
From [] :
* If it is proprietary, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it is legally encumbered, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it violates United States federal law, it cannot be included in Fedora.
== What can you do? ==
1. Get active.  Tell your hardware vendors you only want free, open source drivers and firmware
1. Use your buying power and only purchase from hardware vendors that support their hardware with open drivers and firmware.  Refer to for more information.

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