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== Fedora Overview ==
As always, Fedora continues to [[RedHatContributions | develop]] and [[Features | integrate]] the latest free and open source software. The following sections provide a brief overview of major changes from the last release of Fedora. For more details about other features that are included in Fedora 10, refer to their individual [[Releases/10/FeatureList | wiki pages]] that detail feature goals and progress. Also, throughout the release cycle, there are [[Interviews | interviews]] with the developers behind key features giving out the inside story.
The following are major features targeted for Fedora 10.
* [[Features/ConnectionSharing|Wireless connection sharing]] -- Enables ad hoc network sharing
[[Category:Docs Project]]
* [[Features/BetterPrinting|Better printing]] -- Improved management and handling of printers for ease of setup and use
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
* [[Features/VirtStorage|Virtualization storage]] -- Storage provisioning for local and remote virtualization connections now simplified
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
* [[Features/SecurityAudit|SecTool]] -- A new security audit and intrusion detections system
* [[Features/RPM4.6|RPM 4.6]] -- A major update to the powerful, flexible software management libraries
Some other major features in this release include:
* [[Features/GlitchFreeAudio|Glitch free audio]] -- Rewrite of the [[PulseAudio]] sound server to use timer-based audio scheduling for better performance
* [[Features/BetterWebcamSupport]] -- Improved webcam support.
* [[Features/Artistic1Removal|Artistic 1.0 License Removal]] -- Remove all packages licensed under only the Artistic 1.0 license.
* [[Features/BetterLIRCSupport|Better support for infrared remote controls]] -- Make it easier to connect to remote controls and have them just work with many applications.
Features for Fedora 10 tracked on the [[Releases/10/FeatureList|feature list page]].

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